How much do you pull with your XM-L direct drive?

How much do you pull with your XM-L direct drive?

I get about 4A max with freshly charged Trustfire TR18650's and was wondering if this is the max for one 18650 DD setup

I am also curious if anyone have tried the XM-L in a high(er) (vf)/current 2 cell setup

With the led driven directly with my lab power supply it draws 3.4 to 3.5 amps.

This is max, so it may draw even more, but the circuitbreaker did not cut in.

Id like to see that in a lightbox = Wondering just how massive the output sag would be

XM-L in a flashlight with a (no good regulation) MCE driver to give you an idea

ceiling bounce was just over

40 lux @ 3.5A tailcap 4.12V battery (18650)

22 lux @ around 2A 3.45V battery

14 lux @ 1.2 A tailcap 3.0V battery

The output of a 2x 18650 P7 for comparison

18 lux @ 1.3A (double it for comparison)tailcap 2x 4.2V batteries

The XM-L was trowing more light with an almost empty batt than a P7 full batt.

around 5 amp with xm-l direct drived with aw18650 imr and measuring with low resistance wires

it can burn plastic tape like the sst-90:

That is totally sick! I hope you wear sunglasses!