How much heat for reflowing

Hey guys just a question that I need answersed,

I’m looking to reflow my LEDs to my copper boards and was wondering what temp is it around till the solder starts to melt ??
I have a mini stove/oven and the set point goes up to 540°C, would that work ??

For Tin-Lead solder, about 182C. For Lead-Free solder (SAC305), about 217C.

Either way, your oven will be fine. For Tin-Lead, set it to about 420F. For Lead-Free (SAC305), set it to about 465F.


I use no. 4 on the electric hob, but that’s probably not a lot of use :slight_smile:

i just got a mini flat top burner and i think its going to work out great, best part is that it has a control knob to adjust the temp :slight_smile:

Sweet let us know how it works out as I have never performed this task and want to try and get it figured out

Yea it’s for my flashlight desk, I don’t want to run up stairs ever time I want to reflow something….so it will work out great

I've been using the soldering iron, big flat tip - works but so, so. Probably giving it too much heat. Nitro's sounds like a good setup - I should look into those.

Hhhmmm - wonder if it will be a problem with the copper SinkPad's after sanding/polishing. Usually I tin the tip before doing this - seems to work better but leaves some solder to cleanup - easy on aluminum, probably bad idea for copper... Even for a plate, will it matter that center pad is not flush on the bottom, giving it less heat - no direct contact?

I use my standard infinitely controlled stove top and this:\_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

I have a lab hotplate. Works a treat.

I’ve also heard of folks using a coffee mug warmer to preheat the board and components and then using a generic heat gun to quickly bring things up over the melting point and back down.

Yup that’s what mine is for (a lab) what sold me is adjustable heat

Get yourself a hot air reflow station. I got one a couple of weeks ago and it works amazingly well. I've seen them on ebay for as little as $69. I've only used it a couple of times so far. Got great results at 350 degrees C. Still fine tuning my technique . So far I haven't wrecked anything...

I used a cast iron pan on our gas oven & a temp gun. I set it at 390- 400° & it worked well. But again I have only done it this way on a couple 25 mm stars.

After reading articles from many others, Ive reflowed emitters with a thin pair of needle nosed pliers and a butane lighter to heat up the star. As soon as the solder flows, I drop the star onto a damp sponge to cool it. There has been zero drop in luminosity.

Anybody have tried using a flat iron (for ironing clothes)? Maybe not hot enough to melt the solder? :beer: