how much power can i put through a tail cap switch?

might be a noob question but…i searched this and didn’t turn up much. i’m looking to put 7-10 amps through a tail clicky switch. i don’t know jack about the switches. forward clicky, reverse clicky, manufacturer, supplier, rated amps, or anything else. any help would be appreciated immensely.

thank guys


geez i geuss i asked the wrong question.

What switch? Very few switches can handle that much current.

7 to 10A is a LOT

inspect the switch itself, they generally have a rating molded in. if it doesn’t, that’s probably a bad sign.

I think the common tail switch in budget lights says 1.5A 250V? they seem to handle 2 or 3 times that reliably enough for a lot of people

the question is - how much does it matter when it fails?

if it doesn’t matter much, use it until it does fail.

if it does matter, assume it will and find a suitable switch at digikey, mouser, etc.

There was a thread about switches and high currents somewhere.

Here it is:

The switch I have has no markings so I guess that’s bad. Thanks for the link I searched that topic and nothing showed. What I thought would have an easy solution turned into a phd problem. Those fet switches seem complex. I will tear One of my switches apart and see about copper contact mod. Trying to put ten amps through a switch rated for 1.5A is probably an experiment I don’t want to try. Thanks for the help.