How often are you recharging batteries?

Almost everyday for me, due to flashlight use and other peripherals occasionally (GPS, digital camera etc.)

Also I try to top up instead of letting the batteries get drained, so second question, how drained do you typically go for before recharging?

too many batteries…not enough time…few chargers…can’t actually keep track of it all :~


i have 3 aw 3100s that were charged probably a year ago and are used in my deft/tn31vn… last i checked they were around 3.8v

i just charged 12 18650 this week at work on my i4

More days than not for me. Once I got the battery fever, I began using more things that use batteries.

Between my electric toothbrush, beard trimmer, Garmon Approach (golf gps), camera, C and D powered radios, my edc ZL sc52w and Preon 2, and my D powered lanterns, I always have something to charge or top off.

That’s not counting the lithium ion batteries that I charge.

I keep my Maha MH-C808M and my Xtar WP6 out and ready at all times. No regets.

I am charging batteries daily. :open_mouth:

On the question of how low do I let my battery’s charge go, I try to never let them run out of juice and try to keep them topped off. I don’t like going below 50 percent.

I used to try and keep a bunch of spare batteries around and swap the depleted for the fully charged. I have changed my tactics the last few years. I remove the batteries from item being used, and then charge the batteries, leaving the item sitting next to the charger. For me it creates less clutter. I keep my spare batteries stored in a box out of the way.

Everyday I am charging some sort of battery.

Here are my guidelines:

-Lead Acid battery (Car) Keep it fully charged and topped off if possible. So if I am parked at work, I plug in a battery tender. You can easily get 7 years worth of use from a 4 year guaranteed car battery this way.

-Nimh batteries, ie Eneloops: Keep fully charged, top off once a month if battery is just sitting around. It turns out I use my eneloops every day. I don’t let them go bellow 1.25 or so, then fully charge them right away.

-Rechargeable lithium: Based on what I’ve read they like to be between 40-80. Ipod and cell phone gets used till its about 40 then ill charge it back up-to 80. If I am not going to use it for a while i’ll keep it around 40.

–18650 batteries I try to never go bellow 3.80. I charge my batteries to 4.10 (same 40-80% rule).

–18650 batteries laptop pulls: Again I try to never let them go bellow 3.80 but I do charge them to 4.20. I sometimes use half a dozen 18650 a day so I charge them two at a time.

Eneloops and lithiums get charged with a fan blowing on the batteries and charger.

Back when I had a “dumb” phone I remember I could get away with a charge once a week with quite a bit of call time. Nowadays it’s almost mandatory to charge your smartphone once (or even twice!) a day with just a little bit of usage :weary:

I try to make a point of recharging any cells that I’ve used once every two weeks (not including devices need to be recharged every day). That usually leaves me with 40-60% charge left of my EDC light.

My chargers usually have something to do. Daily for the vaping cells, roughly weekly for the back door light which also serves as supplementary illumination when cooking though I've just found some affordable 36W CFLs of decent colour temperature that claim 2250 lumens which is about the same as the Thrunite TN30 that gives supplementary light to the kitchen. Phones daily or more often.

NiMH tend only to get topped off when my ultra-picky digital camera complains which appears to be around 1.39V. Otherwise they just get used. NiMH charging is not a daily thing here.

You camera sounds like mine, it only likes fully charged batteries and stops working at about 95% charge

I never thought about vaping, how much juice does it use per use, like half the battery maybe?

A 3400mAh Panasonic will do me a bit over a day. But the device is pulling 7-15W from it when it's firing. The other device I use won't take the Panasonics even the 3100mAh ones so it gets used with IMR 18650s. Which are 1500mAh but the device is only around 7W. It can go higher but it just gives a horrible burnt taste.

In case anyone is interested

I am.


Every day something or several somethings need charging.

Samsung G4

my EDC Oveready/TorchLabs Pocket (1600L 3 level) using 2 AW 18350 IMR’s

Garmin Nuvi 2595

Norelco electric razor

SolarForce L2 in the car with a black/protected AW 18650 3100mah. Plastic case with 2 spare batteries just in case.

V2 Cigs electric cigarette batteries. :slight_smile: Cut me some slack on this one. I’m trying to quit real ones.

3 shelves of various lights in my ‘collection’ that get ‘freshened up’ whether they are used or not. Almost all of them have some type of rechargeable battery/batteries in them. Some of the Surefire lights are limited to cr123 primary batteries but shelf life on those is outstanding. Many of the Surefire lights have been modded (bored out/various light engines) and use standard AW 18XXX lithium batteries in several different counts of batteries. Single, double, triple, quad and so on. The Surefire M6 has a Lumens Factory 1000L lamp in it and uses 6 AW 16340 IMR’s. All my lithium batteries are AW’s. I know there are others but I’ve had great success using AW so I’m sticking with them. By the way, I try to never let any of the lithium batteries drop below 3 volts.

2 Surefire Hellfighters - one sits on a shelf almost all of the time - the other gets used fairly often for SAR, camping and just playing around. They use a single or double Bren-Tronics BB-2590/U lithium Ion battery setup in a Surefire shoulder slung case with a Surefire coiled power cord. I have 10 of the BB-2590/U’s. These things can be run dry and never fail to charge right back up. Gotta love military contract gear. Built for extremely hard use. They are charged on a Bren-Tronics PP-8498 Soldier Portable Multi Port charger. Bren-Tronics makes great stuff. Kinda pricey though. Come to think of it, the Surefire stuff is pricey too.

Things that have batteries but don’t count are:
Car - Odyssey battery - charges when running.
Truck - Odyssey battery - charges when running.
4 APC rackmount SmartUPS @1400VAC each - always up and running/charging. 4 SLA batteries in each one of them.

There’s much more but you get the idea. There is always something around here that uses batteries and needs charging.

Not counting my phone or notebook, I charge batteries maybe once per month. The chargers stay unplugged except during use.

With Eneloops, I try to drain them completely before recharging. With Li-Ion batteries, I try to recharge them when they’re somewhere between 25% and 75% full, as convenient.

I have rather a lot of battery-powered devices, but most of them are either very low-power or get used for short, infrequent bursts.

For my lights, about once a month possibly less. I’ve gotten a decently extensive battery bank up so as long as I don’t have to go out searching or looking for stuff all the time I haven’t been using them that much.

Can I ask you what your experience has been with Odyssey batteries? I’ll soon have to replace my car battery.


Pretty much every day. 18650´s for e-cig and lights, Convoys M1 and S2, and then another e-cig takes 16340´s. Eneloops for camera. For these i have Nitecore i4, very happy with it.

I don´t wait the battery to drain completely, i try to top them up whenever i think they are pretty low. E-cig shows voltage, when it says 3,7V it goes to the charger.

NIMHs about 1-2 x a week. Various Lithium types about once a week to once a month…

Daily !

I like to keep them over 4v :slight_smile: