How often do items get removed from packages by mail carrier... (Li-ions) This happen to you?

So I got a package from a familiar retailer on Saturday. Package started out with a tracking number ZJ… then it has a DHL/USPS sticker on it with a tracking number with an address coming out of Hebron, KY. Supposedly there was this in the box. The package was just a padded envelop containing just 3 knives and no lantern. There was some tape on the package in an area where there shouldn’t have been- but nothing too bad. The knives were all fine, and there was no damage to those boxes. But this lamp wasn’t in there. There was even a caution sticker on the outside of the envelope that warned of lithium ion batteries. There were no batteries in the order other than the sealed ones inside of that lantern.

Has anything like this happened to anyone else? Have you ever had something removed from the package, without notice? I can’t say who or when removed it, since it looked like it was handled by 3 separate carriers. No sticker saying anything was removed either.

The only tracking number that was trackable was the USPS number.

Tracking numbers are as follows

DHL GM# 4052907515926271
USPS# 9361269903500494349802

The DHL number and USPS number were all part of the same label. The other label with my address and the ZJ number had chniese characters on them.

Thoughts? Similar experiences? This is a first for me.


But maybe it was not removed by the carries, it could be an accidental hole and a carrier sealed it to avoid anything more falling out.

Sometimes for me

I get lots of orders in from overseas and I cant recall the last one that was checked. Today I received a couple of LG HE4 18650’s from Fasttech and the packaging was sealed on arrival.

It’s possible, but weird. The knives were heavier smaller boxes- then I speculate the larger lighter lantern box. My my rationale the narrow knife boxes were more likely fall from the plastic mailer than the other box? It’s not a big deal… I’m more concerned about the idea that something was removed in transit. By the way… never had a package damaged to the point of stuff falling out either.

I’m not used to the Hebron Kentucky hub sticker either. The Chinese label on it has my home address on it. Hmm…

Ive been lucky. All of my lithium ion batteries have always arrived to me safely, without issue.

Considering the item that is missing I would lean toward an accidental loss through a hole in the package. How many people who open random packages looking for something to steal are going to think “Jackpot! A solar plastic bottle nightlight thing!”. They are suppose to add a label or stamp when they seal accidental holes. The USPS label says “package received unsealed/received without contents/received in damaged condition” AKA we deny any responsibility for this! :expressionless:

You do have a good point that the heavy should be more likely to be lost then a lighter bulky item.

What does the hole or area with extra tape look like?

Yeah I don’t think it was stolen. I assumed packages are sometimes searched. Maybe the lithium ion sticker caused some concern? Would it be possible an employee somewhere across the globe took it upon themselves to remove it because of safety.

I can’t say how long it was in transit. Maybe a week and a half? Honestly the lantern had to have been small because there maybe have been room in the package for a few other small items? It was well taped…

A lot of packages from China come with an over abundance of tape. Just a ton. The tape here was minor… So I didn’t take notice. It is possible the warehouse made an error too… But I have no way of knowing. Seems the consensus is… Probably the package was damaged, it fell out… It was retaped and went on its way. Doesn’t seem like a random confiscation of lithium ion materials- because no one else has experienced this. Thanks for the replies everyone. It just got me worried about ordering batteries again.