How Sufficent is Good Old NCR18650B ? [2017]


My first post was about how to find below $15 good zoomable. But after digging in this forum, now I am planning to buy these:

*Convoy C8 Clear
*Jaxman E2L
*Skilhunt H03
*BLF Thrower (forgot the name)
*Convoy s2+ uv

Unfortunately, in my country (Turkey) no one ships decent batteries to us (only fake ultrafire from aliexpress it seems). I can buy a NCR18650GA for $25 but I do not want to do that. I do not want to feed those so called muslim blood suckers.

The only deal I have seen is $5,5 NCR18650B.

Now I am wondering, is there any problem using this for any of those listed above or generally other flashlights? For example will this old battery be able to power blf q8?

I am not just wondering about if a flashlight works with this battery, I also wonder if it can provide sufficent power.

I hope you understand my English, thank you :slight_smile:


This forum and this hobby are great!

Hey how are you. To my knowledge, the NCR18650B is able to power all the lights above including the Q8. I do prefer to use modern batteries like the GA though…


Have you tried NKON?
I have no idea if they ship to Turkey, but you might want to check it out…

P.S. For the Q8 you need button top cells.

If only there would be a carrier to ship from outside. I do not want to pay $25 for a single ga or 30q.

P.S. For the Q8 you need button top cells.

Ahh, this is bad. I have some solder equipment but buttons from china may be bad quality right?

A blob of solder will do the trick for a button. There is a thread on I think here:


Thank you. Better to buy some quality solder wire from China :slight_smile: