How the King would look in black

Photo unashamedly stolen.

Crude Photoshop job:

Conclusion: Want one!!



yeah, definitely

how about a red one with a coke wave on it? camoflage!

I would definitely get one if they offer it in black. I just cannot stand the current gold version.

Didn't think I would either, but I liked it when I got the thing in my hand.

looks awesome..

The gold isn't bad but the black is definitely much better for that design. It's a beefy looking light so it needs a beefy color to compliment it. A gun metal color might also be interesting.

red would be WILD

Looks good to me. A nice dull black finish would be really nice.

Noone ever de-anodized his DRY and did some DIY-ano? That kinda shocks me..^^

I would love to do a camo light with one of the hydrographics kits, but it’s just too much money. Realtree on a flashlight…

Would like to see some different colors come out on some more of the higher dollar chinese lights. Of course I wouldn't buy them, but I would like to see them.Tongue Out

i'm surprised no one has baked their king

wonder what colour it would turn to..

Stay tuned.

Black car paint is in my King's future as long as the local Halfords actually has any stock - something they seem to think is beneath them nowadays. About half a dozen coats rubbed down properly and a lacquer coat should see it done.

And if I don't like it, I can always spray another colour on top of it.

Baking it would probably just darken the colour slightly.

At best.

De-anodized and bead-blasted....

Still deciding on final finish.

Ha! And I thought Elvis only wore white. ;o)

Reminds me of being 12.

I am patiently waiting for the black king to arrive before I buy it. I think a flat black like the Solarforce L2T would be perfect.

mmmhhh now that I see the black version, and seen on my hand a "Gold color" KING, If I can chose, I prefer the original color!