How things change over the years...The Maglite is actually pretty good

I recently received a Maglite Pro Plus.

I only had one maglite until I received the pro plus… I only had an old krypton minimag that I upgraded to xenon and later upgraded to LED using the 140 lumen terralux upgrade.

I love them!!! Despite they are old desing… but… maglite will always be the classic flashlight that every flashaholic should have and… LOVE!!

As I told you guys… I received a pro+ a few days ago.

I am not from US. So I had to pay…. 36 dollars for it. I couldnt resist!! (28 for the flashlight, the rest for shipping cost to EU)

And… guess what. I would buy another maglite.

I did a short video about it… Nothing fancy but…

I love Maglites. Now I want a 2D or 3D with xenon bulb.

Damn! You people from US can get the 2D for 5.60 dollars and combo of AA Pro with AAA led for about 6.50 dollars. Arrgggggg

Lucky people. Wish I live in USA … XP

Yeah! Also a maglite pro 272 lumen for 6.5$…

Seen on ebay for +20$…

Tony Maglica was born in New York City during the depression. His mother took him back to her native Croatia as a small child. He returned to the US in 1950, speaking no English, and worked hard to learn English and save enough money to buy his own lathe. He worked making his own design flashlight in his garage in the LA area. The rest, as they say, is HISTORY. Contact – Maglite

Anyone with enough saavy to turn depression era into success has got my respect. And I have many of his flashlights, including a 2D that works like the day it was new some 30 years ago. Sure, I mod some today, chop em, modernize em, create monsters from em. But I do that to virtually any light made, including my own designs that I too make with my own lathe right here at home.

Way to go Tony! I salute you!

Own many Maglites, just added another yesterday.
The 2 cell AA models have been my go-to lights for years doing A/C repair work. They always worked….
Got into the newer flashlights and yes, they are brighter, smaller and fancyer….
But will alway have Maglites as my back-ups.


Dale, Tony M. did well- no complaints there. But he’s trying to sell an outdated product. and I fear that marketing strategy will take back the success he worked hard to achieve.

I just got my first LED Maglites from Dchomak’s relentless bargain hunts at H.D. and Lowes. I’d seen and used some before but never owned one. The 2AAA Pro (111 lum) has a nice beam profile and good power for it’s size- I like it. The 2AA Pro (272 lum) is OK, off-centered poorly focusing beam and not much brighter in actual use. It’s gone into my B.O.B. simply for battery compatibility reasons. The 2D is easily outdone by a C8 clone. Good to keep in a car console for use as a club maybe :expressionless: A Maglite still won’t let you down but don’t expect much from it as a flashlight.

What struck me most is the warranty. Excluded is “LED Burnout or LED Module Failure”. I did a WTF? on reading that. No coverage for battery related issues, modding, or abuse (sensible) so essentially as far as breakable parts go the warranty covers the switch and nothing more :open_mouth: I’m sorry but you can get better than that from Chinese Mega-Stores. I remember the old days when a couple guys I know got new lights because of leaky batteries, no questions asked. I’ll always have at least one Maglite- an incan one as they’re EMP-proof :expressionless:

These are dark and sad times for Maglite. I think of what could have been and I almost cry.


Hmm… I’d think that everything BUT modding and battery leaks would be covered. It isn’t Maglite’s fault we left alka-leaks in our 3D Maglite for 16 years waiting for the Y2k apocalypse. On the other hand, if they are confident in the quality of the LED emitters that they are installing… and the drivers that they are making (or having made), then those should be included in the warranty. Otherwise, what the hell else is there to cover? Cross threaded tail caps?

IMO, it’s pretty clear that M@g gave up on quality, service, and innovation a long time ago. They’re now just trying to make some bucks before they completely drive the company and name into the ground.

Well, to be honest, it was a Mini Mag 2AA that started the whole flashlight thing for me! So that makes for a pretty nostalgic and positive bias I have towards them :slight_smile:

I also like the way they aesthetically “age” with scuffs that gradually reveal the gbare aluminium underneath the polished surface. They look cool well beaten, can’t say that for me let lights.

I had in my hands a newer “pro” led model once and it was a fine light, I gifted it and it was appreciated.

I also think I can get more for the same money, stuff that has become important to me like NW tint and a clickie switch, bit that’s mostly “because of the internet” and would not complain about Maglite lights as an absolute matter.

Well maybe- JasonJ posted this pic on another thread:

Only 200 lumens claimed but an up-to-date form factor!

Now if they’d just add a LiIon, a built-in USB charger, and upgrade the driver/LED to match MagLite would have a real winner at the retail stores.


Mag’s Mag-Tac rechargeable pretty much checks those boxes, actually. They went with LiFePO4 chemistry so runtime kinda sucks (dumb 2-level mode regime doesn’t help). It’s a bit safer and survives many more charge/discharge cycles than LiCo though so I can see their reasoning.

To big for it’s meager 533 Lumens IMHO but it’s a step in the right direction like the XL50.

“Hey Tony M, get a move on with more products like these but better and brighter!”


I don’t know if I’d consider a 3xAAA light to be up to date. That’s just the standard config for most cheap direct-driven Chinese lights. Granted, this one probably has some (typically poor M@g) driver, but I think you’d do better with a 1xAA light from a modern brand. Zebralight or Manker 1xAA lights will blow this away.

Today, with help from information on this forum, i repaired an old black baton 3D maglite that had been corroded out by the alkaleak cell. Years ago i think Costco sold this in a set with the little 2AA light and a cloth holster. They were so much better than the plastic body lights of the day that i bought several sets and everyone got one for xmas too.

i had taken the tail and lens off of it many years ago and set them aside in a box. i couldn’t figure how to dismantle it to get the switch out in order to really clean out that bore, so it sat around in a box for a long time—until today someone started a thread about finding old parts in a box and trying to remember what it was. And that sparked me to action. Got it cleaned and working “good” as new (what a miserable anemic beam). Maybe i’ll cut it down and make a hotrod or something like Dale now that i know about the T8 torx set screw holding the switch and the locating snap ring with the holes sheared off. i guess Mr. Mag thought he was really clever with all his useless tricks.

i have 25 year old mag lights beaten to hell that still work. that's great, and for nostalgia purposes i havn't passed them on, but they never come with me any more.

I have several “D” cell Maglites and a few 2xAA variants as well - to me, they simply represent the past. I really don’t understand why Maglite allowed itself to fall so far behind in the field; perhaps there was a manager somewhere who was/is simply ‘stuck in his ways’.

Basic cool emitters and sub 1k lumen outputs simply don’t cut it anymore. Sooner or later the Walmart / Costco / Home Depot outlets will shrug them off in favour of ‘hotter’ cheaper Chinese product and that will be the end of Maglite. If the West stagnates, one can’t blame the East for filling the demands of the marketplace.

Hi everyone, I’ve found this thread interesting so I’ll write my first post on these forums and add my 2 cents :).

I bought 2xAA Maglite Mini in 2000, obviously the incandescent version. After using really cheap and trashy torches for scouting and mountain hiking for many years this Maglite seemed like a luxury and prestige - I’d never been particularly interested in quality of such equipment so this was my first ‘quality’ torch, which was much praised by my friends. It had very good build quality, it had zoom, it could act as a candle, was waterproof, had a spare bulb in the tail cap and looked elegant. However, with time it turned out that I was more and more reluctant to use it mostly because the simple action of turning it on and off was a pain: I had to use two hands, I had to adjust the zoom each time and I had to be careful not to twist it too much so that I don’t unscrew the head completely. I preferred using cheap no-name torches that I could turn on with a simple press of a button. Moreover, after some time the twisty switch started having problems with electric contact so the light often dimmed randomly and I had to twist it back and forth many times to restore full brightness - Maglite advertised that this was a self cleaning switch but in practice the cleaning part never worked well.

So now this torch is still working but I don’t use it at all. I’d be happy to get a new 2xAA Maglite Mini but I don’t want to go back to the twisted switch and apart from that the beam and the light emitter are not what would satisfy me. Indeed, there has been little progress in Maglite apart from switching to LED technology - but to be honest they had no other choice otherwise they would go bankrupt immediately.

What I like about Maglite is that they still make torches for primary batteries. But still, I don’t know if it’s deliberate or a sign of stagnation on their part. I got interested in torches recently and I am fan of using ordinary batteries but unfortunately for me, most of development occurs in rechargeable models. I’d be interested in getting a 2xC Maglite but I can see it has many flaws: ugly beam with halos and donut blackhole, people reporting problems with the electronic switch and so on. I’d like to buy a quality Maglite but for me they don’t produce such products. Sturdy and elegant body is not enough.

Imagine a 6D sized maglight in solid copper, with an sbt90.2 led and packing 18x18650 batteries. The ultimate self defense light.

One good thing I’ll say for maglight is they have enormous potential for improvement.

And welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF Melon.

There aren’t many upgrade kits left for the Maglite Mini-AA but if you’d want to upgrade yours for sentimental reason there is one pretty good looking kit still available from Litt Industries in the US.

They have a LED & Tailswitch combination that’s a simple drop-in.

Although with the added cost of postage from US to Poland it wouldn’t make economic sense when there are much better value lights like the recently released Sofirn SP10Pro.

It's a pleasure to have you onboard, Melon!

Yes, Maglite is known for their heavy club lights. I agree they have enormous potential but will they use it? They need some fresh minds that will introduce good emitters, reflectors, convenient UI, get rid of halos, dark spots, etc.

Interesting that I can upgrade the Maglite Mini but I don’t want to go back to the twisty switch anymore. Plus as you say, the shipping costs would make this completely not worth it so I need a better replacement. Sofirn SP10Pro sounds like a nice and sophisticated light but for now I’m waiting for my new Convoy T3 to arrive. As for direct 2xAA replacement of the Maglite I’m considering Fenix E20 V2.0 unless I find something better.

Thanks, glad to be here!