How to expand/downsize a table in a BLF post?

There is an easy way to add tables (spreadsheet) to one's post:

But once the table is created and filled in with data, i dont find any way to modify its dimensions and make it larger, i.e. adding more columns or additional (blank) rows.

Am i missing anything?

I would go with external programs like excel, open office, or an HTML editor like NVU and just copy and paste it in the post.

I agree. Probably much easier to edit and re-post the original spreadsheet. Browsers don't work very well at that sort of thing and even if you figure out how to edit, it won't have any of the functionality. Thanks for showing me how to insert a table though, been wondering about that.

If you want to post really large tables... this forum isn't perfect for that anyways. A google docs link might be, what you are searching for and when users are logged in a google account they can even filter the entries.

thanks guys. so i am not missing anything which i might have overlooked, right?

good to know.

i have at least 1 existing table which i would want to expand by 1 column (Klarus P1A hehe). oh well.. maybe i just save the efforts and go eat some icecream instead

or have a beer



( lousy attitude *ggg* )

I vote for a beer. Too early here, tho.

it's 4:15p.m. over here.

i think that's late enough hehe.

erh and for the calories .. i simply skip dinner.

S'a win-win S)

10 am here... (I have a 'rule' [sometimes broken on vacation] not to drink before noon). @ 4pm today I'll hoist one in your honor, kreisler. Enjoy your brew and screw the calories...

Thanks man. ( yeah, let's screw the calories )

Cheers Vectrex and BetweenRides (my racing bike is a Peugeot. cheap, but looks hot and expensive hehe),

so instead of working on an Excel spreadsheet i end up boozing by myself.

not bad. :party:

gotta luv this forum!! 8)