How to format your reviews

Hello all, I've developed a little template that you might like to use your reviews. Just copy and paste from the following:

You can copy and paste the stars for your rating, as they're hard-to-find characters. Add as many pictures as you like, but I think it looks good to have at least one summary image where I put the placeholder. And don't forget to turn on the Fivestar rating widget and remind the users that they are rating the product, not the quality of your review.

Thanks in advance to all for your reviews!

I was going to take a stab at a review but I'm not sure how to use the template. I went to the template, highlighted, and copied the text in my browser, but when I created a new topic (in 18650 lights) I was only able to paste plain text, not any of the formatting. And all of the formatting options I have for a comment right here were not available. The only thing I saw available was a smiley toolbar. I'll go ahead and post a "test review" there so you can see what I'm talking about.

For some reason the editor with the toolbar wasn't showing up before. But I just went to do another New Topic and this time it was there. As long as the toolbar is there, I don't need the source, I can just paste in the formatted template text.

Good, thanks, let me know if I can do anything else. Want me to delete the test review you made?

I was able to delete it. The problem was the editor wasn't loading correctly or something. I got a screen shot of it. It seems to come an go, but mostly it is showing up now.

Hmmm, strange. I have seen that when my internet connection was running really REALLY slow, like 1 kbps. Then it wouldn't load.

I have do you turn on the Widget.....

Which review Al? For newer posts the option is in the "Fivestar" expandable menu below the editor on the first post of the thread. But it might not be possible to turn it on that way on some of the older posts due to a bug.

For another review that im thinking about......this time i plan on making a vid.

Ah ya. Great, looking forward to it! I have several more I need to work up too.

Okay i see it man.....thanks for getting rid of those spammers.

Well, the spammers are taking a break for now. All I can do is delete them fast and hope they'll give up. If they keep coming back again we'll try some other options.

With my site all i do is ban the ip adress as well.......

And then use a whitelist on those continents. Certainly email filtering has got a whole lot better, very few spams get through to me, so i suspect the spammers are now going after softer targets.

I've been banning the last octet of the IP address, as in "12.163.34.%" or something similar.

On the addtion of the DATE ORDERED field of the template.- that was added after a lengthly disscusion here:

Reading thru some reviews I have a suggestion.

(The purpose of the addtional field to date, or tie the review to the products be reviewed so the unit you BUY is like the one in the review. - Hey this review is for a 2010 model, not one from 2005)

To increase readably may I suggest the European format-dropping the day from the end: Year, month (EG 2010-08)


To me the YEAR is more important than the month, and for sure more important that the day the unit was ordered on.


the link in first post doesn't work but does if I replace with com

also, old lumens has added a table for dimensions

lastly, could someone tell me how to turn on the widget?

please check url ;)