How to get a more focused beam out of my Zebralight H502c.

Hello to the community, this is my first post on these forums.

I opened my Zebralight H502c (luxeon rebel, no reflector) because I wanted to change the beam to be a little bit more focused like the floody ZL’s which use a reflector + frosted lens, I intended to do the same…

Opening it was easy enough, I (intentionally) broke the lens and popped out the steel ring, but as it turns out, it’s very cramped in there, especially in depth… I guess I could have seen it beforehand, but I just assumed it was the same body as the the floody/throwy ones… that’s probably not the case.

So the glass is 1.1mm (Ø16mm), and between the glass and the base of the led (lowest point of the dome) there is about 2.7mm… (this is where sits the GITD rubbery thing, which also serves as the sealing) I can’t put a reflector in there, do I have any options in order to focus the beam ? TIR optics ? (and forgoing the glass lens maybe), can they even be that thin ?

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With less than 3mm, you will not be able to install a reflector. The closest mod I can think of would be with a TIR but it will be sticking out by 2-3 mm. You will need to be creative. If you don’t care about the look, epoxy (JB Weld) will hold it in place and will still be waterproof if done right.

Thanks for the answer, that’s what I was fearing, plus I haven’t managed to find thin TIR lenses.

maybe an aspheric lens

I dont know the diameter you would need, but it will pull the beam edges in… (I dislike Mules, they throw too much light sideways)

Everything is moddable but buying a different light would be the nest option.

these 15mm should fit, with the edge under the steel ring, I’ll try that, thanks.

But now that you mention it, I remember that older zebralights used aspheric lens if I’m not wrong, here is a photo of my dad’s h501 :

Not sure it’s an aspheric lens, more like just a plastic cover to protect the XR-E. These early Zebra were total flood.

A 15mm/17mm TIR lens is about 5mm high. The lens also sits flush on the LED, the dome going inside the hole somewhat.

Just grab a few and experiment. It might sit flush with the rim of the light, or slightly higher/lower. Either way, a ring might be fabricated (friction-fit) or use something like JB Weld as suggested and hold it in-place more or less permanently. But only use a bit around the rim; don’t glop it in there so the lens floats on it or anything.

Or yeah, an aspheric lens can sit on that shelf. Still wide-angle, but not as “dispersed” as a mule.

Ah yes maybe, the beam is quite narrower than the h502c though, about 95° vs 140°.

Yes i’ll try a TIR lens if I can find a thin one, although if the aspheric do fit nicely under the ring that’ll be much easier, and I don’t need the beam to be super focused, if it can be like the H501 I mentioned that’ll be just fine.

Thanks guys for your suggestions.

I received the aspheric lens this morning :

With some o-rings it is pressed nicely under the steel ring :

before :

after :

I’m quite happy with the result, thanks again for your suggestions.

Kewl… doesn’t look like it has many/any artifacts, either.