How to move a thread

At the top of the first post in your thread you will see an “Edit” tab (only visible if you are logged in).

Click the “Edit” tab.
Click the Forums: drop down.
Select a different sub-forum.

I’m posting this mainly so I can can provide a link to help commercial sellers who have posted in the wrong forum. Hence the screenshot showing a “Commercial Thread” being moved to the Commercial Sellers’ Spot. H)



What prompted the creation of this thread?

A few sellers have posted commercial threads in other subforums. In one of the first, they asked how to move the thread. Others have just opened a second thread instead of moving the original.

Just got around to creating a screenshot recently. Pictures make everything easier when there might be a bit of a language barrier. I’d rather post a link than paste instructions and a large picture into their threads.

Thanks for the walkthrough, Halo...!

Next time, you might want to use a (maximally compressed) .png instead of a .jpg ;)

Speaking of moving threads, I decided to move your thread Halo! :bigsmile: Thanks a lot for creating this, I made it Sticky in the Site Issues category.

I noticed SB! Funny. I felt gaslighted for a second. I considered placing it in Site Issues.

Raccoon City, whaa?

New screenshot. Now with better behaving pixels.

It would have been funnier if you posted this topic in the Keychain Flashlight section……… :wink:

Thats awesome, i don’t know a lot about png though, how are file sizes compared to jpeg?

Nice! :crown:

Okay, this is all off the top of my head.

Sometimes png images are larger, and sometimes they're smaller.

Because png images are lossless, you want to use the highest compression available.

jpg images are lossy, so you need to experiment to see which compression is best for you.

I shoot for relatively small files sizes that have reasonably nice image quality.

In general, the more colors in an image, the more the likelihood that an optimized jpg will have a smaller file size than a completely compressed png.

(In other words, the png format works best with as few colors as possible.)

I hope that helps. :)

so jpeg is easier… and therefore preferable for average users… therefore superior.

png is easier.

Neither is superior.

Both jpg and png have their place.

Did you read the xkcd comic in post #7?

EDIT: Officer, I think I've been trolled. ;)

Interesting, thanks