How to stop an Aspheric from projecting an image

I just put together a XML2 at 5.5A with the DX 78mm aspheric. however nicely focused it projects the image of the emitter on to the wall. The picture is of one of my other attempts at something but you get the idea. I was thinking of spraying the inside around the emitter with plasiti dip or something. Will that stop it? and if so should I use a light color or dark color.

Lol never had this…I always get the visible stripes…and this can be easyly fixed with slightly defocusing

I think this might be the reason why some zoom light have a ring which presses the emitter (which is glued and doesn’t need pressing).
Try cutting a disc from electrical insulating tape, just for testing to see if it works

Use flat black inside. That's what is usually used. Flat black spray paint or black cardboard.

Uhm…… 5.5A with an aluminum board?

Nope 5.5A on a sinkpad. The picture is of one of my different lights that has a more pronounced effect.

I de-domed an SST-50 once and put it behind an aspheric and it looked like the green lantern symbol. Pretty funny really.

What I did with my ‘unbranded’ FTT was use the white circle sticker originally protecting the 16mm stars of my BTU shocker (I replaced them with kapton tape because I’m using XM-L2s reflowed on 20 mm copper stars) and stick it around the LED after dedoming it. This FTT only has 30 mm aspheric lens and only reads 2.33 Amps at the tail but gets me to 70 KCD.

This is the resulting beam:

Flat black is best for no artifacts. I would try a lighter color as well as it at least reflects some light around inside.

Flat black absorbs light much more readily so lumens may drop a bit but cant say definitively. Artifacts will decrease though :~

Hmm, how to stop a lens from projecting an image....:-)

That will be a though one, projecting an image is about the core business of a lens :-/ and the reason why the hotspot in an aspheric is there....