How to Win Friends and Influence People

An observation:

No mass produced product is perfectly made, nor 100% tested.

Random failures are to be expected, particularly when new (bathtub curve). That’s what warranties are for.

Batch related problems would be a quality control issue.

That’s reality.

Upon discovering a fault in one’s device, the reasonable approach is to ask the supplier to replace it with a good one.

If so done, in a timely manner, be happy.

Even share your good experience of customer service with others.

The illogical approach is to shout “fake”, “counterfeit” etc.

Particularly if the supposed manufacturer seems uninterested in examining the “counterfeit”, and absolutely confirming the “deception”

Without such a statement from them, it is illogical to pursue the matter further.

Such accusations may spread uncertainty and doubt in the minds of others, perhaps leading them to question whether they too may have been deceived.

I don’t think that is necessarily helpful.

I note that HKJ provides authoratitive tests of numerous such products on his website, sometimes with detailed photographs of the internal circuit boards, at the request of the manufacturer.

I find this to be a valuable source of information.


And identifies weaknesses, which are sometimes then corrected by the manufacturer, in the spirit of “continuous product improvement”.

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You’re spot on

Just add
Share the information off the fake and where you bought it in BLF.
Also share poor after sales on BLF

It would be not cool to not warn our fellow BLFers as it would be cool to tell about good experiences.
It would be illogical not to provide useful information.

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I never did get round to reading that book…

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way


It had some good information, but applying that information is the hard part.

When your car breaks they give you a lift
When they need help your rescue is swift
Sometimes they give you flak
They always have your back
Having friends is a wonderful gift

They may do things that get us quite miffed
Our relationships will sometimes drift
But you’ll always be glad
For the great times you’ve had
Having friends is a wonderful gift

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It’s one of the best. You really should read it.