How would a BLF Q8 with XHP70.3 HI LEDs compare?

I have a Q8 that I’ve modded with 3V XHP50.2 HD LEDs, and though I love the massive output its a little too cold and floody for my tastes. I am considering converting it to 2s2p in order to be able to use the full range of 6V XHP emitters. While the 50.3 HI seems the obvious choice I had a thought that I could use the new 70.3 HI instead. How would this compare to the 50.2 HD in terms of throwiness and overall output? Does this seem a reasonable choice or should I stick to the 50.3 HI instead?

Is there a 70.3 HI?

the 70.3 typically consumes 29W, so you need a massive 120W for 4 LED’s

There’s some info here labeled “preliminary”, I’m not sure if its set in stone though.

The XHP50.2 makes about 4000 lumens in a modded Q8, which I think requires about 30W according to djozz’s output test. It will definitely get hot but perhaps the 70.3 will be a bit more efficient? Its the throw I can’t really work out: larger domeless LED vs smaller domed LED.

I’m incredibly interested in this too, I’ve just bought an sp36 so I can modify my Q8 with xhp70’s.

Lumintop’s GT3 is a soda can light that features XHP70.2 emitters. May want to check that out.