How you drive a Nichia GS (70ma, 5mm) LED?

I have a bunch of Nichia GS’s lying around for quite a few years and still figuring out the best way to drive these LEDs in a flashlight.

I’d prefer to drive a single one these with 1xAA battery, but still can’t find a good circuit for that.

Any recommendations?

Has anyone gotten a view of the driver inside the Fenix E01?

This (discontinued) model was using the Nichia GS.

Probably the best way is like this:

But i guess this is a good way too:

3.2V LFP AA, resistor to taste (if needed).

Can’t get any simpler.

Or… get a cheep “showerhead” flashlight (crappy 3×AAA, usually), repopulate existing LEDs with the GSes.

Doubt they’d look any better, as the GSes were rather Angry Blue™, no?

Now speaking of the GS, I am getting a sample of the Chinese GS clones with 5600k and 3200k CCT (and 60ma max. drive current).

The manufacturer also claimed 90+ CRI with those. I will send some to Maukka to prove that.

The tint should be nicer than Nichia’s if these would be anywhere close to the rated specs.

I should be getting those by next week.

I think a lot of people jumped on Yuji’s at some point over the years. Not sure how many more people have a use for these. They were like 95 CRI in the same tints.

Most recent example: 9.82€ |Sofirn C01 Spezielle Mini LED Taschenlampe AAA Hohe 95 CRI 3400K LED schlüsselanhänger Hut Licht 6 farben|LED-Taschenlampen| - AliExpress

True, but these parts can only handle 20ma max. wouldn’t it?

I think the parts I will be getting (which can be driven at 60ma w/ 90+ CRI) is a combination (or at least a compromise) of both.

They can be overdriven 2 or 3x that technically just not sure of life span

Where can one find these to purchase?