Howdy from Texas!

I just wanted to say howdy to you folks.

I've been lurking reading through the forums for a couple of weeks now, and figured it was time to join in on all the fun.

I caught the flashaholic bug a while back, but only recently have the voices in my head symptons manifested themselves.

I don't have much of a collection (yet), but thanks to all of the information posted in the forums I now have plenty on my wishlist.

I actually started out with a couple of the Costco LumenMaster/Techlite blister packed Cree lights (I have 10 now). I wanted to do something about the parasitic switch/drain issue. After a couple of days of googl'ing around, I quickly realized my $$ could be better spent. Since then, it's been a virtual cornucopia of information. I really wish I'd found this fountain of informational enlightment sooner.

Beyond the (now 10) LumenMaster lights, I have 2 of the HD/Husky branded 2D Cree lights. (the one with the silver attack bezel/black body) 1 of the HD/Husky branded 3W Cree 3xAAA (Looks to be a XP-E), 2 KD Solarforce L2m XM-L (clones) on the way, and ordering a couple true Solarforce L2i's with XP-G's. (to replace 2 of the LumenMaster lights I sacrificed dis-assembled to figure out if it would be worth upgrading). I also have 2 older black 2D Mags I'll be modding, but that is going to require some more "research" on my part before deciding which way I want to go with those. (Multi-emitter, DD'ing, etc)

Anyways, thanks for all the information! Hopefully I can return the favor/contribute to the fold.

Howdy back and welcome to the forums!

I've seen those Costco Techlite Lumenmasters before.

17-dollars-something, IIRC, actually not that bad a deal. Sadly, I don't own one. It appears to be a nice host for modding.


Welcome to BLF Gh0st!. There's a mod for the techlite that lets you use an 18650 with it. I have yet to get aorund to trying it though.

Greetings neighbor! I'm right up the road in Fairview. Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to BLF Gh0st!

Aloha and welcome to BLF Gh0st!

Glad to have ya Gh0st. Welcome

Welcome Gh0st...May the force be with you on your modding journey

turn towards Jb1 in fairview at night and see if you can see his super ultimate barn burning light collection all on med.

is fairview upwind or downwind ...jb1 is a professional chili bean eating machine .

welcome to BLF

Thanks eveyone!

They're good for the price. I wanted to replace the plastic lens (31.5mm) and plastic reflector, but was having a hard time finding the parts. They don't seem to be spec'ed for P60 hosting, but I'm sure a drop-in could be shoe-horned in.

Following that mod was actually what eventually got me here. I did it to the 6 XP-E's, but have yet to mod the other 4 XR-E versions. Now I need to buy more 18650's!

Thanks neighbor! I need to head over your way and check out that new Cabela's. I saw they were selling SF G2's on opening day for like $40 each. (Probably the 80 lumen version though)

Welcome Gh0st. :)

No barn burners yet..............

I'm upwind from Carrollton.

Welcome aboard.

May the flashlight always be with you!

Good to have you here, Gh0st. I hope you enjoy it here. :)

Welcome aboard, Gh0st!

Hi there Gh0st, thanks for signing up! We're glad to have you here, you'll fit right in. Enjoy your time here!