Howdy from Texas!

You know you are in the right place when you have purchased a curio cabinet for your lights. lit of course. :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard! Im sure you’ll enjoy your stay. :beer:

I’m just swamped with stuff I ordered since I joined here. This weekend gonna pull out the stud finder, 90 degree brace, 2*6 planed cedar plank and mount it all up right in my bedroom walls! :slight_smile:

I tried CBD oil. 1000mg in 2 oz. After I found the dosage for it to work it was too expensive. My pain pills (and all my medical needs) cost me nothing. I have SSI and RSDI (Medicaid/Medicare) so I'm covered.

I could benefit from pot but it's still illegal here in Texas.

Recently I did a lot of woodwork. I've built a few boxes from scratch. Here's a couple:

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Ahh Oils…yeah some of them do get pricey. Sounds like you had some potent stuff before too! :person_with_crown: . There’s so many different types out there now. Well that’s great to hear your medical expenses are covered. Most people here make their own. If you know a grower, then you’re laughing all the way to the bank. Maybe $50 an ounce of primo compared to $240!
I take it you know it’s legal where I am to purchase weed. I mean I can just order whatever and it’s delivered in the mail to my place by Canada Post! :smiley: Well, it’s only a matter of time before it’s legal in your state! :sunglasses:

Thanks. I figured it out. :)

A lot of states had legalized pot but Texas is a holdout but in the works. For now it's legal for extreme cases like epilepsy.

Ok nice nice and I didn’t know that about Texas. Good to hear there are options for people in Texas. I mean the key word here is “Choices”. If you don’t want narcotics then choose ganja. :slight_smile:

I think marijuana is way safer than opiate painkillers, but I don't think weed kills the pain for everyone.

I hope it gets more legal around the world even though it's not for me anymore.

True weed’s not for everyone and personally, I mainly use the creams as I work out. Smoking it….well once in a blue moon :slight_smile:

I'd rather eat it. last a lot longer that way. :D

Do you like peanut butter? Firecrackers

Are you kidding? I love peanut butter. LOL

Some can’t stand smoking so they prefer edibles. Much more discreet…and delicious :sunglasses:
Most people though don’t follow the 1 hour edible rule. Eat and and wait 1 hr before eating again. Otherwise if you eat too much too soon, well…chocolate-covered nightmare begins! lol

I never tried edibles.

What I liked was old-school vaping, where the only thing you vape is marijuana.

I liked that much more than smoking, though I did smoke what was leftover after vaping because to not do so would be wasteful.

Yeah that’s the choice one has to make and I respect that. Actually, marijuana can counter the effects of opiate withdrawals and makes the journey much more pleasant. Well at least there’s options now. :slight_smile:

If you do wait 1 hour! :smiley: or you can always try Shatter. :smiley:

Heavy Heavy Duty!!

Yup it's wax alright!

The new light I ordered got damaged in shipment and no replacement so I got my money back from Amazon. The refund I'm waiting on earlier... not happening. I guess I got ripped off.

I'm back to square one.

ETA: that dude up there is nuts. LOL