Howdy from Texas!

Yup, that's quite an understatement as well.

(It's pretty rare when a spammer posts so many obvious spam links.)

Indeed! This is a big one! I was hopping that more people marked it as SPAM to remove it “naturally”!

And, where are my manners? Howdy, Old Frog! :wink:

Does anyone else get this when clicking the "report as spam" link? I tried last night and today, so it's nothing temporary.

Yes, I also got that today.

I don't know how serious it is, but I PM'd Mr. Admin to let him know.

Hmm, not too sure why that happened. At any rate I manually removed the spam. Please let me know if that happens again.

Welcome! I'm a new member as well and I'm glad to see a lot of people here from the great Republic of Texas.