I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks thinking not joining would save me some money. ;) Really though, I've been learning a lot and mostly enjoying the conversation.(notice I have no signature line) I bought a 6D Maglite back in the 80's and got in on the "early wave" of led lights a long time ago. Recently converted 2 of my Mags to LED and then a Surefire 6P with a Malkoff drop-in. Have since purchased a GT mini, D4s, Tool AA 2.0, Sofirn SP32A and have a couple more on the way! The weather here (Montana) is cold; below 0*F most of this month so there's not much else to do. At least it gets dark early. Looking forward to learning more and getting to know you all.


Welcome Steve.

Thanks, is it still cold in Iowa?

Not like it was couple weeks ago. I have 27F

Welcome Sparks65 !

Enjoy the ride :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF Sparks65. I hope you enjoy it here. :+1:

Have a nice time here, Sparks65!

One way to avoid people complaining about your sig is to not have one!

Hi Sparks65, welcome to BLF! Enjoy your stay.

Hopefully my summer will be a bit warmer than the temperatures you mention.
I even get cold feet when I watch the movie “Fargo”.

Take care, and welcome aboard!

Hi and welcome Steve.

Thanks everybody! Looking forward to my “adventure”.