How's BLF and CPF in spring and hot summer?

Hey guys.

Just wondering.. would you know from the past or already know what board life (BLF, CPF) and forum activity is like in spring and summer (and autumn)?

These pre- and after-Xmas days there was much activity going on, many posts by manifold boardies, great community spirit, amusing stuff, and tons of DD talking. Entertaining time. Am thankful for that.

It's a new year, spring's coming up, Olympics 2012, life has to go on, etc. -- How old is BLF? Maybe only future can tell when later this year and to which degree forum posting activity will wane considerably.

Missing the good times i had (Dec 2011, Jan 2012) with you folks (incl. slapping the multiple OttA's, otta_'s, otta7's of DD in da face during the DD chat sessions haha) already!!

Thanks BLF, long live lhe light!

-- The only shared sellers-buyers-place where i didnt get kicked for massive linking to DX and DD product webpages.

personally, I'll be fishing and camping...maybe checking in once in awhile to snag deals on parts for next winter's mods!

I will be riding and working on my DR650 supermoto, so I probably will be on the DR650 forums instead of flashlight forums, just like last summer.

We should do a BLF-europe-meet at kreisl place in the summer ! :party: :party: :party:

I’ll bring a few boxes of Bier and some Schnaps and selfmade potato salad.

Typically fish on our boat, but don’t know if we’ll be able to afford fuel this year. But then there’s always fishing off the dock.

I fish for trout on several lakes and rivers, shad (when they are running) on a local river, sea trout (same river), and sea bass also on the same river. It’s around 2 months, april to june, of great fishing on one river.

A couple hours drive there is great salmon fishing but im not a big fan of salmon and the rules are pretty strict. If I were so inclined there is also deep sea fishing for sharks, tuna etc off the coast but need a party to make it cost effective.

It’s great to live by the ocean sometimes.

Some of the shad from last year, size 10 boot. There are times where you can see schools swiming for minutes at a time, it’s pretty cool.

The Australians take over :wink:

Used to be into offshore'n a few years back, like every weekend summer into fall - tuna, longfins, sharks, occasion marlin... Really miss that. I'm in a few softball leagues - pitching, used to be lead-off, now glad to just hang in the lineup. But this summer, got our 1st born, daughter, getting hitched in July, so should be crazy...

Camping time !!! :bigsmile:
With some heavy doses of fishing, diving, torching, throw netting, and getting wasted around the fire.
Slowly, day by day, looking like a homeless person. :stuck_out_tongue: