I have been busy converting all pages to https (it was about 1800), due to the announced Chrome policy that will complaining about any http page. The old http links will continue to work, but all stuff on my site uses https now in both links and images. I hope it will work without any problems.

You missed a link - your signature!

You might want to update your signature with the new link.

You are correct, it is fixed :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your work, HKJ :wink:

Works fine on my tablet. :+1:

Works great. It feels even a bit faster than before. Maybe because of HTTPS there’s also now HTTP/2 support?

You really should use relative links instead of absolute ones :stuck_out_tongue: If you were using them, you wouldn’t have to change a single page.

Absolute links means I can check the review while they are on my computer and can post them unmodified on BLF and other places. With relative links that would not be possible.
Changing all 1800 pages took less than two hours. I did not manually edit the pages, but modified my page generator that handles most pages, I only had between 10 and 20 pages I had to do manually.

Then it can be easier to put <base href=""> in <head> instead of putting it in every single link :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I cannot use the

tag on BLF or other places.

Cool HKJ!
I know how much effort to change an existing http website into https :weary:

+1… thank you HKJ!! :white_check_mark:

Thx HKJ!