Humming covid 19

Hey, it will probably work as well or better than the shyte that has cost BILLIONS.

Honestly, I’m through with a few people on this forum claiming that vaccines aren’t effective, or more specifically, that the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t effective.

You’re literally on an enthusiast electronic flashlight server. Either don’t say anything about it, don’t share misinformation, or just leave the server.

BlueSwordM, :+1:

OP’s link doesn’t work… what’s the jist?

Which did you do?

Google ” humming covid 19” or just delete the extra characters after the 19 in the OP link.

…but we really don’t need to reload that covid19 gun here on BLF… too many intense opinions that get one nowhere good

I agree.

Yep, this topic of discussion never turns out well.