Hunting and Fishing Brag Thread

Show 'em if you got 'em

Black Crappie caught last night .

Mmmmmm .

I didnt catch or shoot anything anytime recently, but I did score 6 packs of deer meat today

nom nom nom

I had a gym teacher in high school that was always bragging about his fishing skills. One guy in class had had enough and blurted out, “The biggest thing you ever caught was a 2 inch trouser trout on your zipper…” Not a wise thing to blurt out…

That would be a great fillet snack!

I was out to hunting camp for opening day. Friday. We took 3 bucks opening morning and 2 during the evening hunt. My best friend’s Son hit a big deer tonight at least an 8 point. It got onto the neighbors property. So we won’t be able to go looking for it till tomorrow sometime. He doesn’t want us messing up his hunting by stomping around in the dark looking for it.

I’m not really that much into hunting anymore, I just go out to play some guitar and cards and hang out. If nobody shoots one for me I’ll pull a landowners permit later in the season and shoot a doe. I used to be really big into bow hunting and muzzle loading. Including walking 10 miles back in to where nobody was around for miles and miles. I have some pretty major nerve damage in my legs. (they don’t know for sure, what is causing it) So it’s not like it used to be, no more tracking deer, walking them down and stalking them, and I’m not all that thrilled about hunting over a bait pile.

I still fish some, Pike and Walleye are my favorite and I get out on Lake Huron a few times a year to go after Salmon and Lake Trout. Whitefish are in the river right now in Alpena. I don’t have any pics on my camera or in my computer of my fish or deer. But I’ll post these a different kind of hunting.


I used to get plastic walmart bags FULL of morrells. Last 2-3 years I’ve been lucky to find 3 mushrooms on 30 acres after hours of searching.

Since you now have limited mobility could you qualify for a permit from your game and fish department and hunt from your vehicle?I got one after one of knee replacement and I also suffer from severe diabetic neuropathy granted you cant get deep into virgin territory but it beats not being able to get out at all ,the only reason I didn't go this year deer hunting is because I didn't get drawn.

Not as much meat this weekend , only caught 16 keepers . Filleted them with the Rapala knife I have owned since 1972 .

One would think crappie would taste crappy? J)

I used to do a lot of fishing back when I had a real job and a nice Bass boat. I took my boss out one day, to Lake Wapello in Iowa, where it was catch and release only for bass. It was one of those perfect days, where the weather was threatening just at sunrise, but it became clear and still after that. We fished the shoreline of that lake with Hula Poppers, Zara Spooks and Spinner baits. We caught and released over 100 fish each from 11" up to 19-1/2" for the largest and we just gave up because both of us were so tired of hauling in fish. It was the best day of either of our lives and we never duplicated it again.

I've had over 50 fish days for Bass more than once. A few times when I was a teen, on Hemlock Lake in NY State, (which got me "hooked" on Catch and Release Bass fishing), and a couple of times on Colorado City lake and O.H Ivie Lake in Texas. I truly miss Bass fishing so much.......Cry O.H. Ivie was great for Crappie too!

I am jealous jacktheclipper! You do have bragging rights.

It is snowing up here in New York tonight, 3 to 6 inches expected. So no fishing for me until the lakes freeze over.

And to all of you not aware of, crappie fillets are to die for!

I don’t think I’ve ever had bad non-fast-food fish. Heck I had some slimy gar slabs over the summer for the first time, and they cooked up better than most white fish (I always threw gar back because I was told they tasted like dirt… wrong!). Bass, crappie, bluegill, channel/blue cat, gar, drum, white bass, rock bass, common carp, asian carp, buffalo ‘carp’… pretty much any inland species of fish all taste great (Above and beyond favorite is buffalo carp, leaps and bounds above the rest imo).

Actually I take back the blanket statement, I bit the head off a frozen shad for good luck; that did not taste good, caught a lunker blue though. :slight_smile:

On " The Meat Eater " show they showed a show where the host was bow fishing for gar and carp and cured them in salt he later cut out the backstrap and fried 8t in grease and said how good it was who knew?

Caught a nice Snook near Blind Pass on Sanibel Island this past Sunday .

Snook Jack, aren’t snook the fish that all start out males and then change to females as they get older? Just asking I watch a lot of outdoor networks H)

5 brown trout near Park City last week (family reunion) w/fly rig ranging from 14-17”. The 17” was dry fly the rest on nymphs. Haven’t done that in years. All catch and release.

Big kitty’s I’ve caught this year on the river near home. What a blast to catch!

And I got this cow of a 45” pike a few weekends ago. I am in the process of having a replica made. Not cheap! Lol

Themselves some nice channels, blues? And that pike is a gator I’m envious of you all haven’t been able to make it to any lakes at all this year too many Dr . appointments but I’m glad you all are getting some lunkers.