Hunting Flashlight--colorful leds

I just bought a set Odepro KL41 hunting flashlight last Friday. This light is an amazing light for the money spent.
IT is a well-equipped hunting tool, which includes some necessities.All of the extras and rechargeable batteries are an added bonus.

It came in a black box

The body is red light flashlight,including green,white and IR850 three different leds with seperate plastic box.

Red,green and IR850 is single mode, white has five modes.
Was able to mount easily to my .223 and can see clearly at 200 yrds+ with green light

The charger and batteries are most likely junk not lasting long

If you could do macros of the LEDs that would help identify em, if its a real Osram IR and Cree XML2 or cheap china copies that perform a lot less

It should be real they are Orcatorch/brinyte? The battery and charger will be good also!

To mount a light on a rifle with scope B158 or similar quality zoom should work better as you got no spill

The IR LED got 2 emitters showing in amazon pictures, which is not good for beam profile
There are good 3 or 5W IR LEDs from Osram with single emitter

Batteries seems legit, but I would check if its a smart charger or not

It is real Osram IR led, the red and green led is R5 led, white light is real CREE L2U4.
Anyway, the price is high enough.

Yes, maybe they should improve it.

A high price or good noob ratings on Amazon dont protect from fake LEDs or LEDs with lower bins than advertized

There is no Cree XPE R5 for colored ones
in red-orange, the highest bin is Q2 with 120 lumens at 50dCelsius junction temperature
For green Q3 is highest bin with 175 lumens at 50dC
Those LEDs cant be driven hard, especially the red one drops in output at higher currents due to the junction temperatue has a very high impact to luminance compared to white or blue LEDs

XPE are green substrate while XPE2 have silver but with a dot in the corner

XPE2 other design more lumens



If the XPE bins and lumens are fake
So expect the XML2 is as well fake numbers for bin an lumens or being not even a real Cree

You can check here

The picture on the IR LED on the amazon link shows definately no Osram diode
The high power one Osran has is rated 5W with 1.5A but no chineese shop has em in their modules they use the 3W with 1A so at best you get an overdriven 3W one
5W LEDs, Lasers, Infrared Components, Detectors and VCSEL | OSRAM

Check here there are no Osran 2 emitter 850nm LEDs

It is Odepro, which is the subsidiary of Brinyte.