I am converted. HUGE thanks and observations

Huge thanks to the kind people here, the past few weeks of me doing research asking questions on ‘the world’ outside of $urefire.
I just got my Solarforce P1D, L2n, L2p plus a bunch of P60 dropins from all your kind suggestions.
They are all gorgeous to look and feel, might HAIII be overrated?

All those cost way less than one single $urefire U2 or M2, and kicks their ass!
No more $urefire for me from now on, although I do admit I like the P2X fury, the beam pattern is both throwy and floody. That is another matter for another day.
I have saved so much money and now got a bunch of new toys to play with and expand my collection.

One thing I note, the Manafont 5720 T6 3 mode (with so many rave reviews here) is a bit less stellar to the new Solarforce U2 XML 880lumens.
This SF 880 P60 dropin was not reviewed here (I cannot find), but impressed me over the Manafont 5720 (pleasantly surprised). Thought I mention, but unsure if I got lucky or if its because it is a newer product?

BTW where is Mr Foy and Erik? I would love to get his E1320 Egrenade. Maybe Vinz is next on my radar. LOL
Now I am looking at those wonderful SF addons like the S11 clicky and the M3 heads, just like Foy’s beautiful black and white albino wonder light.
Any thoughts on the Seraph SP6 or the Skyray?

Foy is away due to personal reasons and Erik is out of the modding game due to the shakes.

I’m not a big P60 drop-in fan, so I can’t really help. I’ve played around with them, but the heat issues deter me from anything with reasonable output.
From one Canuck to the next, I did find a $3 host at Dollarama that runs on 3xAAA and can fit an unprotected 18650. With a minor grind of the P60 reflector, it fits together quite nicely. I am planning a Mod post when I get the chance. They come in black, red, blue, and silver.
Here’s what they look like. Oh did I mention it’s a side-clicky :wink: