I am looking for xp-g2 on 14mm copper pcb

Title says it all. I’d rather not file down a bunch of 16mm ones unless I really need to.

I’m gonna be getting 7 to put in my j18 and don’t trust myself filing down all 7 of them, plus I don’t have a file with me right now, so I’d rather not need to go buy one.

I also don’t have the proper tools to reflow led’s.

Do these exist already made to order somewhere??

Not that I know of, but Vestureofblood sells XP-G2's on 10mm mcpcb's.

almost worth picking up the 10mm xp-g2 for updating my sipik sk68, but then i remembered i can’t solder worth crap.

What SK68 clone do you have that can take a 10mm MCPCB? All the ones I’ve ever worked on (and my SK98 too) are hollow pills and a 10mm just won’t work, they all take 16mm MCPCB’s.

ultrafire sk68 clone i picked up for $1.99

cree ultrafire sk68 clone

here it is next to my sipik sk98(cell pic)

I have a few SK68 clones bought a year or more ago — all happen to be high/med/strobe, no memory — with a pill providing a solid back plane for the LED.
All the single-modes I’ve come across have the more usual hole with a rim for the LED.

its easy with dremel make 16 mm to 14 mm.

i do it with drivers 17mm to 14-15 mm too.

I'm guessing if he doesn't have a file and doesn't want to go out and buy one then he may not have a dremel. But I could be wrong.

I could use those too.