I crack my led light bulb thingy on my flashlight need help

I was doing some cleaning on my light and when i was putting back the front of the light and my pliers slip and left a little crack on my very small led bulb should i be worried about it? if so how do you replace the led bulb?

here’s the crack

Got a picture? What brand/model of light?

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What brand/ model of pliers?


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the lights model is nicron f51 also here are the links to the photos

I just want to finish the job and slice that dome off.

sorry for the wait i’m kinda new to the website

That looks fine - just a minor nick. As long as the light turns on and looks ok, don’t worry about it. The scratch might make the light very slightly less bright or make the beam slightly uneven, but I would expect it to be barely perceptible.

If there is more serious damage causing the light to not work satisfactorily, replacing the LED would require soldering.

thats good to know thanks for replying :smiley:

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I’m seeing what looks like a chip/ding on the emitter dome, not a crack, per se. Is that correct?

Either way you’re likely to see some new artifacts in the beam or perhaps some color change, but the light should work fine and Nicron doesn’t drive anything hard enough that heat should be an issue. If it works and you can live with any beam changes, just run with it. If either of those turns out to be untrue then you can learn to swap emitters (it’s relatively easy and it looks very easy to do on this light). Basically you desolder the two wires, remove the led/metal board it’s mounted on, and then remove the old emitter and solder on a new one. If you’re totally new to soldering then it can be a little challenging and you may need to spend more in tools & materials than what the light itself costs, but really it’s not that hard. The upside is that you can use any emitter you like and choose one with with a probably more pleasing tint. I have a couple of their angle head lights and the Samsung emitters they picked are pretty decent but there are better bins and/or emitters to pick from.

When you reassemble, be sure to clean the dome of the emitter gently with a q-tip and some isopropyl alcohol (“rubbing” alcohol, household stuff, but the 91% version is preferred and don’t use any that contains additional oils or fragrance…and don’t leave cotton fibers behind). Also, a pair of basic snap-ring pliers will serve you better than using needlenose pliers (a cheap 6” 90° pair of “internal” would work great here although “external” types are maybe more useful for a variety of lights, or sometimes straight instead of 90°…can get them for $3-$10 for decent-enough cheapies).

Like Correllux said. If you ever do need to replace the LED, it will be very easy to just swap a new LED already on a MPCB in that light. Only soldering you’ll need to do will be the positive and negative wires.

Thank you for replying this really helps!

Also i want to ask where do you buy emitters?

Many places sell both ones that are loose and ones on the mcpcb boards.

What country are you in? It does not always make sense for someone to but from the same suppliers I use here in the US. Some emitters and boards are available from reliable sellers on aliexpress; like the Convoy store there. And the Sofirn store sells a few.

i live in the philippines also i kinda wanna try aliexpress but it may be to expensive when it comes to shipping and customs.

also how do i know what type of mcpcb board or emitter do i have? cuz the one on my light is small

Common mcpcb sizes are 16m and 20mm diameter.

As for what the emitter type that you have, that can be more difficult to ascertain.
THIS LINK might help. Is there a specs page for the light you have?

Is this the light you have”