I did it!

You have been banned for the following reason:
Gern geschehen untergegebener (= You’re welcome subordinate)

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

I finally got banned for thanking Greta for complimenting her with a little ‘danke mein fuhrer’ on one of her infamous censored messages.
I really really just wanted to be nice to her (oh ye really) J)

CONGRATULATIONS! You have my utmost respect sir! I havent posted there in ages yet still got banned; and I have no idea why. LOL! They must be watching my BLF posts because their own forum stinks to high hell and bores the holy crap out of them. Has anyone close to Greta or some of their other mods tried to pay them a friendly personal house visit yet? If you have such knowledge of an up and coming “schoolin session”, please do post the festivities on youtube for the rest of us to enjoy. A lot of hurt feelings and animosities have developed over the years for the appalling ways they have treated innocent helpful people. The really belligerent CPF mod attitudes didnt kick into high gear till the skin-head forums kicked them out for being far too arrogant. Just wearing a swastika and bashing flashlight newbs apparently didnt cut it, so they were perma-banned. :bigsmile:

Welcome to the club

My reason: Off-board coordinated attack of CPF

sounds like a military tactic, even the US army would be jealous of

I simply won’t sign up, I dislike the board and can’t add anything they’d have any interest in.

If they need to approve my posts they can off, I don’t need their approval, sb didn’t need that, that’s good enough for me.

I saw your response on there, it made me laugh.

It's only nice name for having "I <3 BLF" avatar and signature with couple other guys here :D

I joined CPF in 2003 when BLF was not around as far as I knew. I learned a lot there, and there are some very competent people who post there.
Subsequently their policies have changed a lot, although it has not affected me except to post links.

I do not frequent CPF often, but do visit there from time to time. I enjoy BLF much more, but do get some info from CPF. I learned about BLF from russthetoolman when I was not getting the help I needed about a cheap light. Further, one poster there had some criticism that I purchased lights from ebay.
I have gotten all the help I need from BLF, and I do appreciate it.


Well, I'm an ass-baiter. :P

What is that exactly? :wink: