I finally gave into pride and smoked my friends monster flashlights power star V3

Lol yeah its runs 4 each xmlu3s not xml2-u3s and at 2800 mAh the guy was just as bad with his last version and he paid over 275.00 kiadomain has the same light for 45.00 but he also went on to tell that Howard (the owner of monster flashlights. Com)said and he (Artie )believes him, that if the lumens arwnt stamped on the battery tube than it doesnt put out what it claims it a law?Intold him i never heard if that but why doesnt monster flashlights use ANSI standards likw nitecore ,fenix and Acebeam .To be honest i di feel bad because that is hos only thong he had going for him .I would listen to him go on on about his lights andbother church member would ask me to turm mine on to compare and i really didnt want to bring him down nuy iam only human but the way he was getting Sunday insulting my crappy overated Chinese lights and the look on his face when he saw how his light actually faired. I felt like the parent who told his kid there is no Santa Claus so it was a bittersweet victory.

Yep, I agree the ‘Mace’ has been the nicest picture yet, I just feel “bad” about potentially taking away from it’s beauty by comparing that totally “u-u-u-g-ly” flashlight to it. :wink:

He’ll get over it ‘light junkie’… in time anyway. :slight_smile: :wink:

Sorry all about the gramar ,i have proof read and correct it and it goe right back to my 1st draft,Btw wheni ahowed him my Panasonic 3500 GAs heb aid therr arent any batteries with more capacity than 2600 mah per Howard,when i told him i had a meteor that put in wxvess 7000+ lumens he told me thats impossible because wicked laser is the Gueniness record holder at 4000 lumen per Howard

Be sure to remind him how yours need authentic Austrian Mineral-Glass Crystal to keep from melting the lens out of the front within the first few minutes.

Maybe you could even take it apart & color-change the head a little, to show how hot it gets…

I had the same thing happen one when a fellow camper showed me his self-proclaimed brightest flashlight commercially available (a Pelican 9410) then i showed him my TK75vn and the OL-Monster custom light (triple fan-cooled MT-G2) and he almost cried that his precious expensive plastic Pelican mega-box looked like a penlight in comparison.

That gow i felt at first when i tried explaining to my friend a coue of years ago andbi even forwarded to him flashwoki and thw table of different emittwrs their bin ratings and he said Howard warmed him not to beliwve the dtractors who cant afford gis lights ,but i did try telling him he is way over paying for emitters that cant produce whay they are claimed at bwing deiven no xmlu3 put out over 1000 lumens at 2.8 amps

Baa-haaa … I can just picture this. :wink:

Hahaha I’m loving this thread!

Since it is a church fight, you could just try this one.


I LOLed. Thanks DBSAR :beer:

Triple fan-cooled MT-G2. Ouch. Poor guy. :))

That howard (monsterflashlights) is some piece of work, alright. Howard knows he has a live one. He will say anything to keep the money coming.

~ edit ~
I don’t know, I suppose it could be worse. Since it’s just flashlights, the money is from disposable income.
Compared to things like price gouging Rx drugs this guy is nothing.

Thats some power DB that make s me envious,but he would have just looked down out because its not monster brand built by Howard,and no id didntt want this to escalate it isnt a church fight and i actually really like him except of his dogmatic faith in crappy over priced lights.

No truer words have ever been said i cant even afford to get some of my rxs this month because i am on the donought hole right now and my insulin is over 1700 for my next refills

I did not know insulin was that costly.

I just googled “insulin prices” and I get several news articles about skyrocketing insulin prices. :expressionless: Also this popped up from Consumer Reports: How to Get Insulin at a Cheaper Price October 09, 2015 (CR is a nonprofit who does unbiased product testing and ratings, research, journalism, and advocacy).

Thank you so much Halo i will into it

Quote: After putting up with the spotty quality of the 18650 batteries available to us on the market, including duds and inconsistent performance from battery to battery, we decided that the old adage is right: “If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself!” So we went to the manufacturer of the finest li-ion cells and worked with them to engineer and produce the best quality, highest performing 18650 rechargeable li-ion batteries that we could make.

Quote: The MF Tactical 3.5a Extended Capacity battery, is a TRUE 2600 mAh battery that will definitely outperform and outlast batteries claiming to be 3600 mAh or higher. Hyped up capacity claims on labels is the game that many manufacturers are playing with the public, and we simply do not want to play. Other popular brand’s 18650 batteries claiming to be “3000 mAh” and “3600 mAh” or even “4000 mAh” are quite simply not what they are claimed to be. We have done our own testing, and we learned that nearly all of the 18650 batteries on the market are falsely labeled, and most are in fact storing less than 2000 mAh, regardless of the pretty labels!

And I thought MY run on sentences were bad .

You just know these dipsticks have been on the forum .

-My best advice is to just gift these guys a 8$ zeusray and let them come back to you later telling youi how great of alight it is

I have encountered someone very similar to this Howard here in the UK on a fishing site.
He sells cheap Chinese clone headlamps, cheap generic Chinese twin cell lion chargers & a fire brand 18650.
The headlamps are available to buy singly at under $10 (I have several myself) but he sells them at $30 dollars plus & claims they are genuine 3000 lumens.
The 18650 cells he claims are “specially uprated” & a genuine 5000 mah & $15 each & the chargers he sells for $20.
He does a bundle of headlamp, 2 cells & charger for $60.
Even if he is buying these items singly he is making a killing, if he is bulk buying he is making a real killing.
I did once get into a “discussion” with him politely trying to explain to him that at best his claims for these items were exaggerated & at worst they could be dangerous but he just got very nasty & totally put down what I was saying.
He sells quite a few of these items & gets very good feedback from people that buy them, go figure.
The things people will do to make money.
He has people walking round with one of these headlamps & a pair of “fire” 18650”s strapped to their head in the rain who have no idea how to look after Li-ions or the possible dangers they can be.
Owners post that they charge up their cells overnight on the bedside table.
I feel sorry for them.

i even rubbed it in by asking him if he had sunglasses & better put them before when i powered this beast up at 11:30 pm at night. its so funny to see their expressions of defeat. :3

Oh yeah, this story just gets better and better!!! I love it…………. 8^)