I got one! I got one! I HELPED GET A SPAMMER

Thanks guys. I feel much better now! How long did he last? 5 posts?

erm ok not sure whats going on sorry i cant help but good job and i got your back

maybe a link or do the spam post delete now

Nice shooting there, gentlemen!

It feels good to knock out spammers.

I got 4 off on that Jacob guy. Felt goooood.


good job guys!

good job on your first kill, i wish i can award you with a spam kill badge to put on your sig,but im not that creative. i got 2 myself the other night.

We need one of you "hog hunting" guys to target a can of Spam with your favorite lead-emitting tool, photograph it, and then reduce the photo to the size of an avatar.

Then we can used it to tally kills, like taking scalps, or putting notches on the stock of a rifle.

Here's your target!


You know, I was just thinking who I knew who had a firearms licence to ask them to do just that.

Now the question is whether it is:

Great minds think alike


Fools seldom differ.

How about this one I found on the 'net:


Image not showing...

Huh? Showing here.


And a badge sized version.