I hate this place. :)

You guys suck.

I hate this place. I was under control, the collection of lights was fine.

But then I come here.

The group buys, the custom runs with awesome LEDs and better circuits, custom one of a kind products, wicked special firmwares.

And the DEALS. Such great deals.

Now i can’t help myself. Buying tons of new lights, committing to group buys. I can’t stop and it’s all your fault! Not my fault!!!


Ugh. This place is so bad for me…

I agree. This place should be torched. I just haven't acquired the perfect one for the job yet.

I’ll stop hanging out here when they stop with the cool deals, ideas, mods etc.

:bigsmile: :bigsmile:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62NP5GThFo0 How about this one :smiley:

well said!

Budget Light Forum, My A$$ :frowning:

But you know I Love It! :heart_eyes:


Chuck - It is a budget light forum....it eats your budget without any hesitation. LOL