I have a AAA shortage , which ones to buy


http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Fujicell-AAA-1000mAh-Rechargable-Ni-MH-Batteries-NiMH-/150514446240?pt=AU_Electronics_Batteries_Chargers&hash=item230b5c2fa0#ht_1671wt_928 ?????




Hmmmm , Go with Energizer ? or maybe one of the Vapex ? What say you ?

Do you know a better deal [ free postage ]

The only one I have any experience with is Energizer and I wouldn't recommend them (they lasted a couple of years, but I wound up throwing them all away after they stopped holding a charge). Maybe the Fujis. They are LSD at least and a Japanese company, but 1000mAh seems high for LSD when Eneloops are 800mAh. Second place would be the Vapex Instant 950mAh since they are LSD also, though I don't know anything about Vapex.

Found this page where the guy has done some tests. He likes Vapex Instants.




Went with these ...

I also bought some ? Japanese AAA's for the hell of it , since I only have a few AAA rechargeables , and I needed some more .

Ordered some LSD AAA's of DX , as well .. So thats my battery budget blown for this month ...

Next month I'll see about some AA's or CR123A's

I bought some 1250 mah maxuss aaa' from DX. Probably arent 1250 and I dont have a charger to test them but they work well in my flashlights and seem to have a long run time

I saw them but , the 1250mAh claim ?

http://www.dealextreme.com/p/pisen-hr11-45-1-2v-800mah-ni-mh-rechargeable-aaa-batteries-2-pack-18316 I went with these ...

yeah I was hoping they might be 1000 mah or high 900's. I have to get a decent charger so I can test them

The Vapex AAAs I have seem fine - but I've not got any others to compare them to - all the others I used to own got put into cordless phones since they tend to kill their cells by continual charging in a year or two.

I'm fond of the GP Recyko, which you can find at a good price here: http://www.tinydeal.com/4-x-gp-recyko-12v-820mah-replacement-rechargeable-nimh-aaa-battery-for-mobile-phone-camera-hbt9293-p-8267.html?sk=1214717976uR

They have lower claimed capacity, but from reviews I've read the real capacity is generally very close to the claimed one.

they are easy to find on sale and most people don't know what they are when they have them for sale , they just see them as a lower mah battery and think it's worth less than the higher numbers.

most people are saying energizers and rayovac are a big mistake

I bought some energizers so cheap that there's no possibility of a mistake

1$ for a pack of 4 .... So i bought about eight 4 packs ..

I bought 83 $ worth of batteries that day ...about 10 years ago

Now it's time to replace most of them as well .. the Sanyo dark green nimh 1200 are my oldest and have outperformed everything else I've ever had .. tough as nails


I bought 83 $ worth of batteries that day ...about 10 years ago


LOL....any funny looks from the cashier?

it was a girl at a flea market at about 6:30 in the morning ..I walked over and she was putting 16 packs of duracell AA's on her 2 little card tables and when she said a dollar I shoved them into a bag..she's pulling them out of a bag and I'm shoveling them in 12 packs of D's ..1$.. 4 packs of 2300mah energizer nimh..1$ this was 10 years ago 25 cents each?? Brand new lithium Ion cell phone batteries ..1$ It got down to 4 packs of nimh and a charger for 5$ about 5 of them and me thinking ..hey this is outrageously expensive ..and the insult was buying about six 8 packs of AA for a buck ..I had bought the 16packs for a buck why were the 8 packs still a buck too ..I think at 80$ she knew she was doing me a favor ..She asked me after i had bought all her best cell phone batteries .."hey you're in the business why wouldn't they buy any of my cell phone batteries ??"...it was because they were so damn new they were for phones that didn't need batteries yet ..A year later they started selling like hotcakes ... :)Tongue out I hit her like a seagull hits a herring...3 times in that hour .. she laid stuff out .. I hauled it away ..good times Smile

You remembered all that from 10 yrs. ago? I have a hard time remembering what I did yesterday.Embarassed That's a pretty sharp memory you got there Boaz. Did you get her phone number too? :bigsmile: