I have created a forum about EDC

Hello :)

Is there anyone interested in a new board about EDC (Everyday carry)?

I have created a forum about EDC and such but it doesn't have so much users so far (no one in English version!). All is free and nonprofit, of course.

It has two versions, English and Spanish. When users sign up, they can post in both languages (they are independent of each other).

I am looking specially for active users who would like to post content over there and participate. Any new user and any new post or new reply will be pretty welcome. It would be a nice idea to meet people together with same tastes.

In a future the forum will need moderators but now there is not too much to moderate, sincerely. Anyway if anyone of you is interested to become one of them, please just let me know.

The forum has a part about flashlight but it's not specialized on them. I have thought that it could be a good idea to share links between this forum and the new one since many people from here also like EDC stuff and people who like EDC also like flashlights. This way promoting one forum would benefit the another one too.

I am not posting the link to the forum because I don't want that anyone consider this as spam or something like that. I will only post it if a staff member of the forum allows it.

If this thread is not allowed please feel free to delete it. I am so sorry about it.

I would really love if you could reply this thread showing your interest, sharing your ideas, etc.

Thank you very much in advance and sorry about my English ;)



I'd like to see it .

What’s the name of it

no link, no name, give us something to go on!

this coud be why you have few visitors.

I want to be a MOD. lol

PS: someone spammed me...

I had a spam also. Its gone now and I miss it.


Thank you very much for your interest. The link is www.edcmania.com

I hope you like it :)



Seems well set up .

Thanks .

They even have a sub forum for Hoes over there. Its not what I expected.

Yeah , I'll probably never EDC a pickaxe ...

And there's even one for Pocket Chainsaws........

See - http://edcmania.com/forum/Forum-Pocket-chainsaws

Talk about living dangerously!!!

I did actually learn something over there. Firepistons are cool as hell. Looked into what they are and found a nice vid and directions for making one out of an old AA minimag. Gotta do that. Also misch metal fire sticks. That is some cool stuff, most of that stuff and info is at goinggear.

the big priority your own is about you name EDC.

Hey, I love it over there. I can say whatever I want and nobody gets mad. I got a little angry about my attitude but I decided to be the better man and let it go.

I tried to join but my username edc is not allowed.......

eeedddccc works hehehehe

eBay doesn't allow any usernames with the letters "eBay", so I'm not too surprised. :bigsmile:

EDIT: I just signed up for edcmania. Now no one else can have the user name raccoon city!

With such a new forum, I think it would be much better for discussion if you didn't have so many subforums, putting all the discussion together. Later, when you get more traffic, you can split it up into different subforums, but at the moment, I don't think you need so many.

Good luck!

Wow, that is one impressive list of EDC categories! Well done! Best wishes for your site, I added you to our "Related Sites" box.

How do you like MyBB? What made you choose it over, say, phpBB?

Thank you very much for your replies and advice :)

I have created so many sub-forms that now I am lazy to delete them if we can use them in a future :(

Please if you see any wrong or funny word or something like that just let me know and I will change it! ;)

Is pocket chainsaw not correct? hehehe, I am sorry. I meant that saws that are similar to wire-saws but use chainsaw teeth... which name would you suggest?

Thanks, I have also added BLF on the right side, in a box called "Links". As of now it's the unique one :) hehehe

Yes, I have tried many many forum (board?) and CMS systems made in PHP and I even use SMF in another forum about wine (http://www.granvino.com) and I am not happy with it at all (I regret using SMF). Finally, after trying all of them a little bit, I decided to use myBB which is, in my humble opinion, the easiest and most powerful at same time, and with less bugs. I don't remember why right now but I didn't like phpBB either.

No, jalbam, you were right re Pocket Chainsaws. That is what the saws that look like a bicycle chain and can be pocketed are called. Its just that for most folks the term Chainsaw makes one first think of those big motor driven loppers. Wouldn't want one of those in my front pocket.......