I just got my Deree Xsearcher today! Green pill beamshot!!!

I searched for beamshots of this green pill but came up with nothing. Here is mine!

Wow. Those Xsearchers always impress me. Congrats man.

Thank you! It is stock. But surely not for long. Haha!



Thank you!

That’s one hell of a camera you got there. Nice photo. I’ll bet you must be a hunter.

Beautiful! It’s like the glow of a Kryptonite crystal.

I tried all kinds of pill for deree and game reacts similar as with white one so I am sticking to white(neutral white when de domed) since it will throw significant further than they.

Try to put IR led inside and you will have furthest throwing IR illuminator in a world.

You will achieve furthest throw with XP-G2(dedomed) at 3,5 A but you could try deree optics on your SST-90?

Looking forward for comparison against your homemade aspheric.

I ordered that emitter, sinkpad, and driver from Vihn yesterday. I will do some comparison beamshots this weekend with my homade SST-90 ashperic and the Xsearcher. I got a good tripod for my lights now too. So no more shaky beamshots!


Great picture!!!

Thank you!

Awesome light you got and great picture.I have wanted the x searcher since it came out.If you can,I am interested in what the pill looks like and if it accepts 17mm drivers.There is minimal information about the x searcher,but from what I read,there's 2 different pill styles.

Thank you!

I will take a few pics and measure the driver. It did look to be a 17mm driver but I will measure it for assurance.


Thanks Ken,this would be great.I have been kicking myself for not buying this light for awhile now.I want to use a de-domed XP-G2 to make it a monster thrower.

I have that emitter/driver on the way to me as we speak!

Oh wait, Im getting the XPE2. Im still trying to learn all these different emitters! Haha!


Friend don’t get XP E2 for this one…

I have vinhnguyen XP-E2 3A pill and although it can throw I am not felling comfortable using that.

If he still not made U XP-E2 contact him and order 3,5A XP-G2.

You will probably have to bypass spring for full power like this guy(I think this is Vinz from BLF forum that has worlds best drop ins) here on old dbs:

But you don’t have to listen me… I am noob especially with Dereelight flashlights 0:)

Thanks for the info. I will email him now about it!


I just got a reply. He said XPG2 with not throw as far in aspheric.



Alright than listen to him ad you will soon be sick of XP-E2 in your Xsearcher :Sp and not to mention that it will throw less than XP-G2.

It will not throw more than 380KCD and Jmpaul from this forum will confirm you that.

You can link him this thread as I ordered XP-E2 directly from him.

I know that I always defend “pencil beams” but XP-E2 is suitable only for smaller aspheric. For larger ones it is total disaster.

Listen to this guy here and you will be happy:

You have been warned J)

Roger that!