I just saw this today for the first time....

I have seen a Tesla in car mags before, but this was the first time up close. At first I thought it was a Maserati:

What a stunning car! Tesla Model S Signature


  • 300 miles per charge
  • 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds
  • 8 year, unlimited miles warranty
  • Supercharging included

I guess I could have posted this under 18650 flashlights? Please discuss.

$ 87.9k aren’t quite budget. Not even if it comes with four wheels attached to it.

Does it tailstand?


At 5.6s 0-60? Used to run a bike that could do much better than that - but it cost more in tyres than fuel…

i doubt it’ll tailstand… :frowning:

It comes out at about $1,000 per kw, waiting for the price to come down to about $300 / $400 per kw

$87k is for the max range cell pack, über luxury model. Base can be had for under $50k, which is surprising to me. Anyone know the details on the battery pack?

I am really astonished by this car…

i really like the Tesla S, i am considering getting one sometime in the future, maybe in 10 years? lol

I thought they had 6000 18650's .. was tryingto do the math per battery ...maybe I'll buy one and just selloff the 18650's here on blf

just sayin

How many lumens do the headlights put out? How’s the PWM on low beam?