I lost access to my account

The only reason I made this account is so that I may have access to my old account which is named “Light Head”.

I created the account in 2014 and just made 2 threads after abandoning it for 2 years.

I forgot my password and lost acces to my old email account (it’s a yahoo problem…yahoo sucks)

So if any mod or admin can give me access to old account, that’ll be great!! :smiley:


-Light Head

in all seriousness, we only have one “Mod” here. There is a link to PM him on the left side of the page.

Hahahahaha, no not really…
I can tell my old email address which I used to make that account.

Why would anyone else want access to my account?.. Lol

The “contact the admin” link?
But it says, “This page is no longer available, or maybe you need to login first.”

Well it seems like you must first login to contact him :stuck_out_tongue:

Just stick with this account and forget the old one?

If he is here posting in this thread, he IS logged in!

Turn over a new leaf :))

I had the same thing happen years ago with my original seti@home account when crosswinds.net went from free to paid. I lost credit for over three years of computing time.

If this fails, I’ll make another account and use that instead.

Hi there Mr. Temp, I sent you a PM.

Hi Sir, could you resend the PM, my inbox is empty.
Thank you very much