I"m Hoping I Get My TN31 Today

Tracking shows this-Your item was processed through our HAZELWOOD, MO 63042 facility on November 29, 2012 at 1:17 am.

It probably will be here today hopefully. If not, I’m gonna go to post office this afternoon to pick it up. My mail comes in the morning around 10:30 am.

I’m ready to take some beamshots. LOL!

Nice. Waiting is the hardest part!

I heard that. But this was really pretty dang quick. I ordered on Nov 24th.

Yeah, I got a TN30 from them also. It shipped from China on a Saturday and I got it on Monday. Now that was crazy fast.

Here’s what mine said under the shipping method.

USPS/CA Singapore Registered Airmail

I ordered mine on thursday night (uk time) and I had it monday morning (uk time).
Considering that would mean it would have been shipped on friday morning UK time as it came from HK that is pretty darn impressive.

To put it into context I had the V11R shipped from 45miles away on friday and it arrived on wednesday!

My K40 will be here today also… Hope you get a good TN31 like I did…

The mail delivery here in MO seems to lack. It should be here tomorrow, but it probably won’t fit in my mailbox. And I don’t want it left on my doorstep. I have to work tomorrow, so who knows when I will get it.

Mine came DHL. Hardly ever see those yellow trucks around anymore!

Looking forward to some comparative beam shots ILF. Hope you get a really good one :slight_smile:

I promise I will take several beamshots of each from each sample and take about 4 pictures of each sample from each distance and pick out the best and clearest image from each and post them here. Taking 4 photos from each light at each distance and using a delay timer almost guarantees a crystal clear image so we will have a fair comparison between the two lights at each distance.

Sweet! Should make for a good thrower showdown (throwdown). My money’s on the ’31, as it’s got a little larger reflector, but I won’t be surprised if the K40 is more than just nipping at its heels. Hopefully the weather’s clear out your way this weekend.


Hope you get a good TN31 so that can have good comparison. I am still thinking about ST90 that didn’t get a chance to be compared.

Lee at ThruNite personally promised to me that I would get a perfect TN31 before I bought it from them via email. He told me this batch they currently have in are good ones. I think mine came from CA.

Well look what finally showed up. It’s what I call perfect.

Lens and reflector are as good as it gets.

I hope we ain’t talking RMA. :open_mouth:

Now I shined both of them on the wall, and the TN31 is I believe a little brighter.

Ok what’s RMA?


Now I may have to take that back about the TN31 being brighter.

I’ll go on record and say that in my honest opinion after playing with both in the short amount of time that I have that the L3 Illumination K40 is the better deal for the money. Both are about identical on the wall. I believe the TN31 might have the slight edge in throw, but it won’t be by much. And I think I actually like the K40 better due to its size, but this may change later on. The finish is about the same on each. I do like the stainless steel bezel, but you don’t have to have it. The anti-reflective lens coating is definately better on the TN31. But I figure the T10 to be worth in my opinion about $15. At $108 shipped the K40 is the better overall value.