I made this thread in haste, so forget about it.

I recently bought three Sky Ray Kungs and one TangsPower flashlights (shown in picture), all use four 18650 batteries.

The three Kungs I bought off eBay, shipped from China, two are Cree 4X (red button), one is Cree 7X (gold button).
All three where listed as XM-L U2, but it appears the Cree LEDs they come with look the same as the XM-L T6, like the T6’s that came in my Ultrafire WB878.
The TangsPower Cree 7X (blue button), which I bought from GearBest (Amsterdam) is listed as coming with XM-L U2, which matches the Cree LED in my SupFire F3 L2 :slight_smile:
Guess I got slightly ripped off with the Kungs and could have bought Sky Ray Kings for less money.
But as I really like the gray color of the Kungs, over the black and gold Kings. I’m really not bothered by the U2 verses T6 issue.
The eBay seller that sold me the two Kung Cree 4Xs is bicycle-light, the Kung Cree 7X eBay seller is brotherhuang1983.
So Gearbest seems to be the more reliable seller.
(Shipping time with Gearbest was 17 days, Amsterdam to California).

There is no visible difference between an XM-L U2 and an XM-L T6. It’s just a rating of output, nothing physically different.

There is however a visible difference between an XM-L and an XM-L2. An XM-L has 3 bond wires and lines on the die; an XM-L2 has 2 bond wires and a series of dots on the die.

Ok, that makes sense, the Tangspower LEDs seem to match the Cree LED in my F3 L2 (2 bond wires and dots)
So I’m guessing my TangsPower might have come with XM-L2 LEDs
And maybe my Kungs come with the correct XM-L U2s (3 bond wires).

I would be more interested in whether these lights have a shelf for the emitters and if there is a thermal path to the body of the light.

These days there is absolutely NO reason to be screwing around with UltraFire batteries or any other ’Fire battery. The problem with badly built lights and badly constructed batteries is that they actually work, to certain extent. To know how well takes a little more than just turning the light on.

How much did you pay for these lights?

BTW, I like the gray color of your lights too.

The Kung Cree 4x were $30.62 each,
The Kung Cree 7X was $41.00, came with a simple dual battery charger and 4 Ultrafire “4000mAh” batteries.
The TangsPower Cree 7X was $37.00