I may be wrong but is it possible the Jacob A60's days are numbered?

A search on taobao brought up only one seller and nothing on ebay/alibaba/aliexpress.

Get ’em while you can at dx I guess.

Also, did anyone ever receive a glass lens version?

Mine have glass lenses. Haven't heard about anyone receiving plastic lenses? Anyone?

The reflector is plastic and the lens is more often than not dirty when you receive it though.

And to answer your initial query: Yes it's days are numbered. This time next year no-one but the owners will remember it because something better has come along. (or so i hope)

I once more realized how throwy an XRE light can be and how useless this sharp throw is for my usual everyday. I’m glad I haven’t got a Solarforce MPP1 too. This light is enough thrower for me to point far things and impress people.

I got one a few weeks back but sold it on to a friend. Not enough spill IMO.

Thanks for the observation