I may need an Intervention

Thanks for this amazingly addictive website.

Don't expect any intervention from us. We are already addicted and misery loves company.Laughing

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome we're glad to enable please!


wrong forum for intervention

If you need a intervention, you need more help than we can give.

Welcome aboard Hagg911. Let the intervention begin:

We've been talking amongst ourselves and we are concerned for you. We would like you to know that we don't think you have enough lights to adequately meet all your real and potentially imagined flashlight needs. We want you to continue to visit BLF and to join in the conversations until such time as we are satisfied that you are prepared for all your (and your family/friends) lighting needs and are also ready for the pending zombie apocalypse.

Run . Don't walk .

Get out of here now while you still have some discretionary income left .

You Have Been Warned .

Oh , and welcome to the forum , Hagg911 .

One more thing - to determine your true path - buy a Shocker or TK61 and send it Vinh, if it turns out you get in trouble for it or don’t like it then you can send to to somebody who was there in your time of need. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Hotel California. The room service is terrible, and those arent mints on the pillow.

Hide your card!

Please enjoy your time here, Hagg911!

You know there’s no turning back now, right? I hope you’re happy.

Welcome, dude!

Welcome to BLF and welcome to the place where we all need (don’t need) interventions

Theres plenty of reinvention and even some invention, and some group work that crosses international borders that reinvent/invent things. There ya go, intervention.

One of us! One of us!

Oh, did I say that out loud?

You can count on us… certainly… in a way…
Just visit back often…

I hear there’s a place that will help you in no time. The organisation is called “Curing your Partiality for Flashlights” or CPF for short.