I need a better 26650 Charger

I just can’t get my Nitecore Intellicharger to consistently handle and work with 26650 cells. A very good multiway charger is sought, although a multi-USB-style charger would work, too.

Thinking about this charger. $15.99 each… anyone recommend this brand? Thanks

Gosli is a good brand that has been tested by HKJ recently.

I would recommend the charger then, if you don’t buy it on Amazon.

A BIG IF though. There’s a high chance this is a counterfeit charger since a customer has reported the charger not being official.

Where can I buy an authentic golisi charger ? Please post link. I need two.

It has to connect properly. Will it do that? The Intellicharger doesn’t connect because some 26650s are odd-shaped and the connection cannot keep.

Well here:

@Rusty Joe, this charger should support all cells, even 26650 odd ones.

Bays don’t look wide enough. Would the new i2 do a better job?

Thank you BSM. I ordered one black and one blue… I used 493 BG points as well for my order.

The issue is, I ordered two sets of batteries from BG. They are 5200mAh and are a bit uneven on the tips, making it nearly impossible to make contact with the charger’s positive point. Only ONE bay in my Nitecore Intellicharger makes contact…if you turn it just right and hold it for a second. I don’t want to invest in another of the same charger.

I agree… some charger doesn’t like 26650 button top. Example gyrfalcon all 88 doesn’t like 26650 button top…

XTAR SV2 is a great charger for 26650 batteries.

I’ve got an XTAR VC2 and VC4,
Along with a cheap Liito-Kala LII-202.

I use ALL of them on my 7 22650 cells. None give a problem so far.
Nor all the 14500. 18650 cells Neither Flat, or Button tops.

Just be careful with the VC2 ALL sizes, but Li-Ion only.
Hence the 202. for travelling.