I need a driver recommendation for PT54

I’m planning to put a red PT-54 in a Small Sun ZY-T08. It’ll remain 2P for the batteries. I just need some advice from those that have used the PT54 on what driver to use. I’ve read people running these things at 9 amps. It has to generate A LOT of heat at 9a, not to mention battery life would be horrible. I’m looking for that happy medium of maximized output with maximized battery life.


did you end up finding a driver for your build. I am also looking for a suitable driver to run the PT-54 at 9A in a mag build.

I ran a linear with a slave board. Still haven’t finished the light

I bought LD2 for my pt-54 but still looking for a good host…

hmm, the LD2 is only good for about 6A if im not mistaken. is there a way to mod the LD2 for 9A? im now thinking i may use the courui d01 for the build, since the batteries are 3P and the PT-54 is low voltage it should be ok im hoping??

True, 6A for XML/XPL or PT-54 tipe leds but it should be “just right” amperage, I think 9A could be a bit problematic from heat disipation side!