I need a new driver for MT09R (2018), my flashlight is dead


My HaikeLite MT09R dead after 3 times to work: it’s can’t be off.

Banggood say: “we can determine that the product has manufacturing defect”, but item has delivered over one month - It’s not our problem.

Where i can buy new driver?

Banggood has a 3 day dead on arrival policy where Banggood will pay for shipping back to China. After that the consumer has to pay for shipping back to China, but there still is warranty. If you can do a driver swap yourself, this means you do not have to send the light back to China, and Banggood only needs to send a new driver to you for free.
I would check Banggood’s warranty policy thoroughly (https://www.banggood.com/Banggood-guarantees_hl105), and communicate to Banggood that they are responsible.
I have received Haikelite drivers several times from Banggood so far for warranty without paying anything.

Same issue with mine.

Hmm, that would appear to be a bad FET. Luckily it is a fairly simple fix if you have a hot air gun, the replacement part is only ~$2.

I still want to know why they switched from the FET’s I both specified and even sent them to make sure they could get the right ones. None of the lights I built that are driven way harder have had an issue that I am aware of.

Is it the big FET or the little one that is not shutting off completely and letting some small current always flow?

My guess is the large FET but but technically it could be either one since we have not gotten a verification on which one was the problem from some of the others.

It does not make a lot of sense for the small one to be the issue though as it only has to deal with a small amount of power and even a cheap FET should be able to handle the load.

I have not personally seen this issue so I have not been able to test it myself to figure out which one it is. I do have one light with the stock driver but I swapped the big FET and have not had any issues otherwise.

You can photograph the driver and the sign, what specific element (FET) in your opinion may be faulty?

The blue circle is the main FET and the Green circle is the small FET.

Most likely it is the main FET that is the issue.

Funny thing: my Haikelite seems to have fixed itself. It used to leak current to the LEDs when turned off. So I got it laying on the shelf, physically locked out. Yesterday I connected power - it didn’t start shining. But click the button - it’s alive. I charged the cells fully to see if voltage makes a difference - it’s still OK.

I’ve had some lights do that, never figured it out other than replacing the driver.
Anyway, I’d keep an eye on that one :wink: But hopefully it’s fixed!

Yeah, I don’t expect the light to last this way forever. But so far so good. :slight_smile: