I need an easy to work non flashy EDC (AA) High only or High/Low with an easy to find switch for presents.

I need what I said in the subject line to give to my family and friends for Birthdays and XMAS etc.

I do want a fair amount of floody brightness and non flashaholics would not like using Li-ions as they are too complicated and in my mind too dangerous for them to use.

Easy to get batteries is a must.

No flashy modes is a good idea for non flashaholics.

Zoomies are out because they might be in the wrong position when they need to be used in a hurry and non flashaholics would think them fiddly and unnecessary.

At night they need a switch on it that is easy to find and not be fumbling around in the dark when any danger is presumed to be near.

Is this an easy task or am I asking too much.

You BLF guys must have had this issue come up before I am sure, so scratch your heads please and give me some direction in this quest.


Sipik SK68, unless it's too "tacticool" for your friends.


Only hi/low, AA battery, non flashy, floody, instant-on switch in the back, Jetbeam quality, around $30. Classy present.

UniqueFire AA S-1

Cheap , Bright , ON-OFF

Simple .

( Although it does take 14500s for a little extra brightness ... )

Got this from Shining Beam & its fantastic. It uses 1AA & puts out 100+ lumens. Flashlight Reviews shows beamshots of this & the standard RC-G2. It has a glow click cap & you can see it good enough in the dark to locate the light. The best part is its under 20 bucks with shipping included…!! Forgot to add its a momentary on forward clicky. A full click & it remains on until you click it & its off.


I agree .

DQG AA in neutral white.

My Grandmother or older people would be totally confused with the “new age” vast range of flashlights and the increased technology behind them.

The older members of my family like so many others could not program a VCR or Digital Alarm clock in the days gone by without us younger people to help and the flashlight development that has happened over the years has left most people completely unaware that these new products exist.

They usually go into Costco, Bunnings, Woolworths or wherever and buy a simple low power, low brightness plastic piece of rubbish that may not be that good or reliable to satisfy their needs when it really matters.

But guess what, they don’t care about our flashaholic hobby and would only be using something better because us flashaholics took the time to track down something similar to what I am looking for now.

Then I would let them know about it or give them one because it is a challenge for us flashaholics seeing as that is our interest and takes up a fair amount of our time off instead of watching the whacky shows that are on the stupid television most of the time.

As I said in subject line “Non Flashaholics are like pedestrians and never driven a car.”

Would you give a 5 mode disco style reverse clicky with tailswitch and side switch for modes to your older family members or non flashaholic friends?

And forget about giving a Li-Ion powered torch to them as it would be too complicated and they don’t have the knowledge of how to use them properly or have the patience or care to worry about charging what we guys already have learned about handling and caring for dangerous batteries.

I just want something that I can give to them and say there is the switch and here is where the AA batteries go.

If I have one I would probably put my 14500 Li-ions in it for my own use.

I have been an Electrician and Techie in IT and stage lighting all of my 38 years of work life, so I know a thing or two about flashlights and how they work and many stage lighting type fittings and building lighting control systems.

So my credentials in the technology of anything electronic or electrical have been established and I don’t know what your claim to fame is, maybe you can elaborate on them with us here on the BLF forum.

I am just trying to get some advice on how my family or friends can get an easy EDC to carry for safety at a budget price seeing as there is a vast pool of knowledge on this Forum and members that have already gone through the budget flashlight pitfalls and can help others new to this area of flashlights make an informed decision on what is good.

What are trying to say with the line “Sipik SK68, unless it’s too ”tacticool” for your friends.“

Please tell us all about how you came up with ending of that brilliant sentence?

I am just trying to work out if you are a TURKEY or trying to help, but got to have a shot at my friends and family while you are able to.

I know very well what a Sipik 68 is, so thanks for the advice but be careful what you say in your advice as it does not help the cause of any forum including BLF.

If you are not trying to help and make funny remarks then that means there are Turkeys on every Forum including the one I cannot stand anymore, the “Elitest” CPF otherwise known by me as “Counter Productive Forum”.

I left there because of similar things going on that really are Counter Productive and Belittling or just plain put-downs disguised as jokes.

I would be pleased to get more advice from you if you are really trying to help, if not go and play with your little toys and target someone else on another forum that lets insults or slurs happen regularly.

I don’t like CPF for being OVER MODERATED but some moderation is needed if members continue playing mind games with other members or trying to hurt their feelings.

I know you are going to say take it easy man or I was only joking but just be careful what you say when you are probably thousands of miles away from members like myself and can hide behind the Computer Screen but don’t forget there are still moderators here and they have the power to PULL YOUR PLUG or sentence you to a COOLING OFF PERIOD.

If you were genuine with your advice I am sorry to say what I have stated in this reply but it should be noted by all that this sort of advice like yours can be taken many ways even if it was not your intention to do so.

I know long time members have jokes with each other because they are friends online or even offline but new members like myself don’t need crap put on them when asking for a genuine piece of advice.


As always, I have to back you up on this one again, can’t beat it for ten bucks. On-off, floody, clip, simple. Also love the RC-G2, I bought one for each of my parents and they love ’em…they are 80 and 83 years old btw. The SK68 is another great choice too.

I love the friendly advice I get here at BLF and I also give my knowledge to this forum on occasions where I can.

The long winded reply to THE was just a piece of friendly advice from one who has been on Forums for many years and if THE was not intending to hurt or put me or my family and friends down then that is the price you pay for not choosing your words carefully.

“Remember to put brain into gear before opening your mouth” is one of the sayings that I have learned to live by when you get to my age.

Words can HURT people.

Thanks to all those that help keep this Forum alive and well.


Thanks jacktheclipper for pointing the battery situation out with AAs or 14500s.

I will check that one out.

Especially if it can take 14500s in it.

Thanks a lot


This one sounds promising as well.

I have a couple of Jetbeams including the older M1X.

Nothing in that category could beat it at the time.

It stayed on top for a fair while too until stuff like the Thrunite Catapult series came out not much could keep pace with that older technology.

Thanks for your advice.


I can guarantee you that _the_ was trying to help .

I am not too sure that my older friends and family would muck around with zoomies especially the screw in and out ones.

Good choice for most of us but I have to be careful what I eventually pick for this quest.

Sipiks are a range all to themselves in a way.

The older models were not too bright but were a great novelty item.

Thanks for the advice and THE was giving me some reasonable advice but the end bit was questionable if he is so good at his reviews etc.


No good deed goes unpunished!

Have you considered the Ultrafire C3 Stainless ?
Reviews here and here.
AA or 14500, 3 mode, no disco, cheap (<$10) on ebay at the moment.
(watch out, there are 5 mode ones as well).

I explained the whole situation in my post and I do not know him from a bar of soap.

He just needs to be careful of the way he gives any real advice.

The ending of his advice can be taken easily by those that don’t know of his character the wrong way as I pointed out.

If he was genuine then I stated that I am sorry for saying what was said.

But it is a lesson that all forum members no matter what forum you are on, to be as careful with your words because words don’t disappear from your memory once seen or heard.

Maybe you guys know him better than me, obviously you do because you stood by his character and reputation as fellow BLFers that do know him as you have said.

I still had to say what I said for you guys to come out and tell me whether he was genuine or not as I have not had a direct response from him as of yet as far as I know.

I knew some members would have their say on that post by me because if he was genuine there would be support for him and there was, by yourself and there will be others I am sure.

I don’t light-heartedly attack or chastise anyone unless I pick up on the beginnings of the sort of crap that I have seen many times before and address it quickly.

Yes some members that have been on this forum for many years are going to say “what right has this new guy got to say things like that about one of our good members”.

I just like to know that I am being respected as a BLF member as I do not make jabs at members at all because they can hurt.

As you can see by my posts I know how to write properly and take all precautions not to hurt people that are genuine members, but my time here will let me find out who is helpful and who is just stuffing around doing no good for the cause of the BLF forum.


The Sipik was first to spring to my mind. I can’t even see how you could take offence to the but the thing he is trying to point out is the torch looks a little cheesy to some people due to the styling. Some people like it, some don’t! It’s not offensive to you, your family or anyone lol

I will check out all of the advice that I have been given with many thanks when I am not so tired as I am now.

I mean no harm to any genuine members and with time I will find out who the genuine helpers are, so forgive me if it looked like I attacked someone who was really innocent but a little careless in his choice of words.

Good Night everyone.