I need info on 2 x AA light.

My friend is wanting a 2 x AA light with at least 3 modes. He wants all modes accessible from the tail clicky. He doesn't like to twist the head to change modes. He would like a light that has mode memory and 3 modes is just fine without any flashy modes.

He has a Jetbeam BA20 and he likes the light but he wants to be able to change modes with one hand. He isn't interested in a forward clicky button.

Maybe Thrunite Neutron 2A or a Quark Aa2 can give him the best of what he wants. I also have a Solarforce 3 mode low voltage drop- in in a L2r body and it perfectly fits the needs, though you’d need a 2xAA P60 host for this and L2r hasn’t been on the market for some time.

Dereelight Javelin is 2AA and P60. Dropins are avaiable with three modes and no disco modes. Also if you buy the Dereelight C2H you can play lego with the two.

The main thing he wants is a 2 x AA light that has at least 3 light modes and all modes are activated by a rear clicky. No forward clicky. No twisting of the head bezel to change modes. I think the Quarks all change modes with a twisty head bezel. Thanks

Just for the high mode. The others change by tail clicky in mine. There is no memory in Quarks though.