I need to purchase a Tablet Computer Type Thing

I am looking at a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 4 7" for $159 at COSTCO. My son has an iPod Mini which is great but too expensive for me. I want to use it for Reading BLF, broadcasting Netflix and other stuff to my Chrome Cast, watching AMAZON Prime and some light surfing. I looked at the Google Tablets and liked them but they won't work with AMAZON very well and the last I heard won't play AMAZON movies.

Any experience?

Any suggestions from that experience??


Find out the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 4 7” Antutu benchmark number…higher the better


If it does have the 3 gigs RAM…whoah!

What makes you say Nexus tablets don’t work well with Amazon? That is not true. I suggest you get the Nexus 7 unless you need microsd expansion.

Well I found this article thats says it can be done by streaming the video but it seems like a lot of trouble just to stream amazon.Plus it doesn't mention how to download moves on the device in order to watch them without a wifi connection. thats important to me as well.

How do you download Amazon movies of your Nexus 7 ?


Nexus 7 2013.


How do you download movies from Amazon onto the Nexus Please?


Need one for the wife. Interested in the recommendations.

I use a PIPO M8 Pro and works really good.

I know what you mean, Bikenber73. Amazon hasn't released an Amazon Prime app for Android making Amazon Prime video streaming useless for Android owners. I'm one of them. I have an iPad for my job and am able to stream AP on it because there is an app for it. The problem is I really hate the iPad. IOS sucks the hairy left one and I almost never pick up the iPad.

Have you considered getting a Kindle Fire HDX? It's a marvelous piece of hardware and works flawlessly with Prime. It's a better machine than the iPad and far cheaper. Still more than a Nexus 7 but less than the Apple.

I'm starting to regret cancelling my Netflix and switching to Prime. The only place I can watch Prime is on my laptop and that happens rarely. All the game consoles stream Netflix. Amazon needs to get on the ball and start focusing on the software working on all formats and not as much on selling hardware.

Kindle Fire HDX is limited to Amazon content, if you are ok with it, its absolutely mindblowing tablet. It destroys everything on the market right now for the price.

I can stream prime to my bluray player, ps 3 and ps4.

We just bought an 8” LePan Mini tablet from QVC for $99.96. I understand LePan makes tablets for other manufacturers that put their name on. I had tried the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, 7” from Costco; returned it out of buyer’s remorse - too much money for a 7” tablet…

+2 I have a 2013 Nexus 7 for about a year now. It kicks ass. Great screen, and very decent performance

Nexus 7 2013, anyone have complaints about the battery life?

The samsung tablet you mentioned is a google tablet. The kindle is also a google tablet although its stripped down and not as useful. I recommend the King of google tablets which is the Nexus 7 2013. Btw, you can use any smartphone to broadcast chromecast including the iphone, ipod, and any tablet including ipads.

Here is a link on how to configure a Android (google) device to stream amazon instant video.

This works. I tried it on my phone LG G2 and Nexus 7.

I never had any problems with battery life. That said, I couldn't tell you how many hours I get since I've never really paid attention to it. What I will say is I get a couple of days of intermittant use on a charge

Here's a screen capture of my battery widget. It says I'm getting more than 3 days on a charge. Remember, I'm using my nexus 7 intermittently

Edit: I forgot to mention I never shut it down, I only put it to sleep....

Galaxy tab pro 8.4 using mine right now

Maybe you can try looking into the win8 tabs with the atom cores. They are pretty amazing. I have a 10inch one that is only around 200 grams. SUPER light.