I subdued my drunken friend with my UF980L last night

So me and my friends were out drinking, and one of our friends ended up getting way too drunk. He was definitely having a hard time all night, and getting a lot of attention from the guards. At one point we thought he was outside smoking a cigarette but when we went outside to find him two guards/bouncers were watching him. Apparently he was lying down on the ground and appeared to be passed out. He was with us so he was never in danger, although he definitely qualified to get a drunk in public charge.

As we were leaving, a friend of ours who hadn't been drinking came and picked us up. As we were getting in the car our drunken friend had trouble figuring out what to do with the car. We were all inside and he was behind the car negotiating with himself how to approach the vehicle. He was highly confused. A few moments later we heard a banging noise, and we saw our friend bashing the back of the car with his fist as hard as he could. We knew he wasn't cooperating judging by his previous behavior, I was worried he was going to break the spoiler. So I just stepped out of the car, whipped out my handy 980, and blasted his face for a good 7 seconds or so. It was impressive to watch his reaction. It was like sprinkling salt on a slug watching him recoil in horror. At this point our driver took off and did a lap around the parking lot while I figured out what to do with our drunk. My unruly friend was almost in a daze, he went over to the nearest patch of grass and lay down on his stomach for some reason. He quickly forgot what happened, but he definitely lost all motivation and became docile.

I am glad I have this flashlight....


he probably would have puked if you had used a DRY w/ strobe

Maybe even something worse than that

He's lucky I don't carry my DRY turbo with me.

Hah, the strobe can come in handy at times. I hope I never have to use it for anything real, though.

I was hoping for a funny crenellated bezel story. Oh, well. And not to defend your pal, but I often take impromptu naps when a nice patch of grass presents itself. In fact, here is a picture of me napping- :tired:

At least it was alcohol, if it were any other drug, I think you might have a hearth attack with a strobe, or epilepsy maybe?..

I'm impressed that you were edc-ing it!

UF-980L is just about 18k cd. That's pretty mild. :D Max dilated pupil size is about 6mm max for a healthy adult.

That's why I stopped drinking, people get out of hand and become foolish. If he was my friend and he started striking the spoiler on my Mustang "bashing the back of the car with his fist as hard as he could" it would have got ugly. I am 6'4" 260 and I would have been forced to duct tape his hands, feet and mouth shut, place him in the trunk and take him on a hell ride until he calmed down or we arrived to his residence at which point he would have been removed from the trunk and taped to the mailbox post in his front yard until his roommates , parents or neighbors decided to release him. The following day i would have requested a replacement roll of duct tape and I am sure he would have complied with the the request.

Yeah I deal with drunks all the time by job..I've seen some pretty stupid drinkers..some people shouldn't drink..and a blast of a flashlight takes the fight out of most drunks..strobe works great..you can't fight when you can't see

@E: Nice car garage, foil, duct tape, saws, knives, flashlights, butchers apron and Mustang you got there.

What is this unit, CD? Are you saying the 980 is mild in brightness? Are there brighter single LED/battery configurations?

Cd is referring to throw (lux)..the 980l is a mild thrower..more lux the tighter the beam but also harder to hit someone in the face with lol..these lights have very large heads and aren't very pocketable like the 980l is..you can't get much more lumens out of a single XML than the 980l..it drives hard

DrJones made this nice post some time ago explaining the units very well: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/3879

You know you're a flashaholic when you have a flashlight clipped to your belt while trying to pick up chicks at a bar Just sayin'...

Yeah, as others mentioned, in a nutshell just take it as the intensity of the hotspot. cd = candelas.....same meaning as lux @ 1m, same as candlepower or cp in short form.

You can get the Smallsun ZY-C10-S for cheap thrills. Below 15 bucks and is about double the candelas. It only has about 200 lumens, but in hotspot intensity it is higher. As others mentioned it would be a bit more difficult to aim but it's not too bad (the UF-980L has quite a big hotspot don't you think, of course it's good for closer work like 10-20m or so).


Drunks huh ....

"So, is that a flashlight in your pocket or are you just..."

"As a matter of fact, it is indeed a flashlight"