I suppose it was inevitable.

This one has been hit very, very hard with the ugly stick. A Surefire Porcupine clone. The awfulness of the beam doesn't bear thinking about.


Dan of Dansdata said about this one on Twitter, "The Sith Council regrets to inform you that your new lightsaber design is a bit over the top, even by our standards"

Lol excellent Don you could always use it as a cheese grater in emergencies..

Cheese emergencies. I like that. Something for people to add to their bug out bag, I guess.

That light just gave me a great idea! What if you added a vibrate function to a flashlight, and then the spouse might not complain about so many flashlight purchases! :) How many days until it hits the shelves? :)

Now that has to be the fugliest one yet but I bet you can stab someone fairly easy with it though.Laughing

But for $74 I could get much better daggers. Apparently the spiky Surefires go down really well in Asia - but then they are seriously silly money.

I suspect showing that thing in public here could get me arrested for carrying an offensive weapon if a cop was in a bad mood.

Instead I'd get side handles and spikes for my 6D Maglites. Much more aggressive. And would cost a lot less.

Ugliest light ever. Price is sick.