I take it all back about Banggood

Placed an order for Astrolux FT03 on July 9 from China
It was at the USPS in Chicago on July 14!
Probably be delivered on Tues or Wed, EMS stuff moves through USPS quickly.
That is damn good.
My orders from Aliexpress don’t even track yet!

Pretty impressive. I wonder if it was in a USA warehouse. Most of my orders that ship from China take about 3 weeks, but one order shipped from US arrived very quickly; probably only 5 days or so.

No this was from China and was shipped on EMS with an LT tracking number.

In the past, most of my Banggood orders used to take around three weeks to arrive here in the UK. One exception was the BLF GT, which was sent from the warehouse in Spain so it reached me in three days. But when I ordered the FT03 I had it in my hands a week later, and the FW3A reached its destination in nine days.

i think that can happen by luck also

ie, you ordered something, it got onto the monthly ‘crate of orders’ to go on the boat the same day

order the next day, it might have taken an extra month

the process is opaque!
actually they should tell you that
‘order today and avoid a 4 week extra wait’


My last two orders to the uk have taken just 7 days.

You got lucky.

Placed an order for a multi-tool from BG on 6/17. According to BG records, it shipped on 6/18. Today is 7/15, and it looks like it hasn’t even arrived in US Customs yet. Ugh… :rage:

After 6.5 weeks, they just emailed me to tell me that my original free shipping choice can’t be processed and to either pay for more expensive shipping or cancel my order.

Something very wrong about this.